How far away is youre gym from you?

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About 40 miles. It takes almost an hour... in good weather, which is never! I live in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, it snows from September to April, sometimes May. I've had to miss gym because the interstate (not even highway) is closed or have been stuck at a friends house near the gym.

The thing is, there's not a single gym outside our high school in my entire county! So I literally have to cross a mountain pass to get to the closest gym! It's why I had to stop for a couple years and started going back when I could drive. Oh well, it was a lot of sacrifice but it was worth it.
Our gym is about 20 minutes drive from home, and about 10 minutes drive from school. There is another one that is closer, about 10 minutes from home and about 5 minutes from school, but somehow we ended up at the one we're at so we've stayed there.

We actually can't get younger DD to gym on weekdays after school as both of us are working, so we are relying on other parents to take her as some other girls at her school go to the same gym ('yay' for those parents!).

On Saturdays I drive older DD to gym, then younger DD to ballet, then pickup the older DD from gym, then pickup the younger DD from ballet, so I'm driving back and forth all morning. It takes about 15 minutes to get between the gym and the dance school (the dance school is actually near the other gym!).
It usually takes between 8-10 minutes :D ...when I was younger and had to go right after school, it could take up to 20 minutes or so, I'm really glad I don't have to go right after school anymore :)
The one stipulation of Paige starting gymnastics was that we could not drive any further then 20 minutes each way (preferable under 15). We were driving an hour each way for Pheeb's cheer and it burned us out. If she continues in the sport and gets to Level 7 then we will revisit the drive and may make the 35-40 minute drive to Coppell. For now we are happy with our 10 minute drive each way:)
Wow! I thought 15 minutes was a long way! I'm about 2 minutes by car (that's when we drive slow-ish), and I'm impaitent to get the gym! I can walk in about 7.
mine's about 20-25 mins away (by car). so not too bad! I did used to go to a closer gym that's about 5 minutes by car but their coaching wasn't great so I switched. :)
Spoiled here, about 10 minutes & love it. Old gym was about 15 minutes in opposite direction, but closer to some of my boy's activities like the baseball fields. So funny when we were looking into other gyms there are at least 4 or 5 within 1/2 hr radius, but with other kids doing other sports even 1/2 hr seemed too far.
10-15 minutes depending on how I hit all of the lights there. Our gym is in the same city we live in but on the other side of town, unfortunately. I guess 10-15 minutes is a good drive but when you are driving 5 days a week it still add up to over 2 hours on the road a week! That is the crazy thing. I don't know how people do longer drives than that. Some people at our gym drive about 45 minutes each way.
5 minutes.. But with traffic it can become longer.. In the Summer I just walk.. Sometimes.
well my club recently relocated and it used to be about a 15 - 20 minute drive (although I caught the bus and because of dodgy transport it takes me an 1hr 20mins from school - but now i can drive - from school about 30/40mins depending on traffic so its all good) but we then moved to a new location that is probably 30/40 mins from my house and probably 50 - 60 mins from school but i don't know because i have only driven there once and gotten lost so its a bit of a guess at the moment
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