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I am new here and just posted about about my dd in the thread about what type of gymnast do you have.

I have a question relating to the changes coming in her training. Do kids have a hard time with the transition to more training hours? I know when she started in January she was sore for 2 days after her first workout. The second week she was stiff for a day and since then she has never mentioned it. Now she's going to be off for 2 weeks (family vacation followed by a week of gym shut down) and when she goes back it will be to the 3 day a week schedule. So it will be a change from 2 hours once a week to 2, 2 hour sessions and one 3 hour session. I'm sure she'll be tired and I'm wondering if there's anything I should do to help her prepare?

My dh and I are thinking that this is the summer that will show whether or not this is the sport she wants to persue. We figure she'll either fall more in love with it(hard to imagine!) or decide it's more work than she wants:rolleyes:

I hope to hear back from some of you experienced moms and dads!

Coming from a coaches point of view, make sure she is having fun. Talk to her about her feelings at the gym. Gymnastics is fun, but it is very normal to go through tough spells. However, these tough spells should end. If they don't, maybe that many hours is not for her.

A couple of other things:

Make sure she has friends outside of the gym as well as team friends and make sure she eats right to mantain her energy.
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I have two daughters in the sport. A soon to be 10 year old who is at the gym 16 hours a week and a 7 year old who is at the gym for 12 hours a week.
I think that it all depends on your daughter. My older daughter had a difficult time transitioning to more hours, where as my younger daughter always wants more. My older daughter is more laid back and calm where as my younger daughter is constantly bouncing off the walls until she is finally in bed. Just very different personalities.
We are getting ready to be out of the gym for two weeks for vacation. There is a lot that your daughter can do to help keep her going. Our gym gives the girls conditioning lists to work on while they are gone, but I figure if you keep them active and swimming they are good to go. My younger daughter loves to condition, but my older daughter wants nothing to do with it.
I agree with JBS - It should always be FUN!!
Thank you both for your thoughts! I appreciate any insite into this weird gymnastics beast. lol

She went back on Monday, having not been since the 23rd of June and it was a walk in the park! I didn't see her class because another mom from my neighbourhood took her, but she came home totally charged and enthusiastic! She can't wait to go back tomorrow and again on Friday!

I guess time will tell how the schedule really effects her, but for now she is feeling great!

Thanks again for your thoughts. I agree with you both, happiness is key:)

Canadian Gym Mom
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