WAG How hot does your gym get?

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Old gym? No A/C. Ridiculously hot. Dangerously so in my opinion. Weather hits triple digits here over the summer regularly.

New gym? Sweet sweet A/C. Parent area is often downright cold. Gym area still is warm, but my DD's face doesn't look like a tomato when she's out there.
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We don't have air-conditioning in the gym and I believe temperatures get to maybe the mid 80s (Fahrenheit). We don't have a thermometer and I'm bad at estimating heat so I can't tell you for sure. We have fans and take a lot of water breaks with kids during rec classes. Team just carries their waters event-to-event. We also have 3 truck doors (as the gym is in a warehouse type business park) that we open everyday.
We had a.c but half way through summer it broke and we didn't have a.c till the summer was over. Regular ice block breaks help
We are in the south... 100+ degrees most days! Morning practices are better since the gym is a little cooler, but ours is a big metal building as well. I remember going to my first meet where it was FREEZING inside and for some reason (probably since it was what I liked), I loved it. My advice is to give those gymnasts the advice to hydrate hydrate hydrate! Fans won't do much for us, but if it gets to the point where someone feels weak from heat+exercise, I'd say thats too hot. Believe me, I know what it's like to do an hour of Plyo combined with the heat of July. Georgians know us some heat
My gym has a huge fan over the floor and we have a big fan by rod floor and tumbl track we also have a big 'garage door' that we open a lot during summer practice
I train in a sports centre which was designed by someone who didn't think about the weather. We have a very high ceiling and windows lining the top of the walls. This means that in winter is is FREEZING and in summer we get to sweat it out in the greenhouse that they (I hope) inadvertantly created.
Even the coaches (the male ones, obviously) go topless in ours from mid-May. Constant ice-lollies (Popsicles) needed during meets, and that is just for the parents! o_O
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