How is it where you are?

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Hey, y'all how is COVID-19 where you are? Please tell
I’m in QLD, Australia. It’s pretty good here. We haven’t had any community transmission of COVID in about 4 months, the only cases being diagnosed are return travellers from overseas, they go straight into hotel quarantine when they arrive in Australia so the cases do not spread.

We haven’t had any deaths from COVID in our state in around 6 months. And we have only had 6 deaths in total since the start of the pandemic.

Life is normal for the most part. We run our gym as normal, kids go to school, people don’t wear masks.

But we have restrictions. We can’t travel, have limit crowds at various events and wash the kids hands a lot. But they are generally just minor inconveniences, not major life changes.
NY. Cases up, deaths down. By a lot.

Actually deaths in in US too. Close to 2000 deaths a day, mostly NY and NJ In April.

Oct avg daily US death, under 800
I personally know 4 people who were confirmed Covid + over the course of the pandemic so far. 3 are recovered and 1 is asymptomatic 8 days after exposure.

Our state numbers are through the roof. 221,909 total cases, 3,303 new cases on Nov 1, and 5,340 deaths.
Our county isn't as bad ... a total of 916 cases over the whole pandemic and 3 deaths, but on Nov. 1, we had 42 new cases and our previous single day record was only 25 (on Oct. 30).

I am the poster child for prevention ... During our state lockdown, I didn't go ANYWHERE ... except for one walk to the end of my street and back. Even after the lockdown, when someone comes to my house (repairmen, friends, whoever), they wear a mask, using hand sanitizer as they come in and when they leave, and I still maintain my distance.
I can't wear a "mask" for an extended length of time (per doctor's orders), but I wear a gaiter (actually 2 of them) doubled over - so that is 4 layers. I also maintain a MINIMUM of 8 feet of social distance at all times, and even more if the other person isn't masked. Plus I use hand sanitizer or wash my hands every time I touch something unless I personally sanitized the surface or witnessed it being sanitized (and it is untouched between then and when I touch it). I stay home most of the time, only leaving for appointments and gymnastics ... and at the gym: I get my temp taken (forehead from a distance), I maintain my social distance, sanitize my hands, drink water, and get my steps in my own little "safe space."
State numbers continue to rise and rise and rise (testing has also increased significantly). I have a friend who has been diagnosed in another state and a former athlete's sister was diagnosed in another state. We've had a few athletes & coaches out of the gym due to mandatory quarantines due to classmates, teachers, or family members testing positive. However, none of those athletes or coaches have developed symptoms or tested positive themselves.

My mom, who is a kg teacher, is sick and got tested yesterday but has to wait days before the results arrived.

My cousin's 10 year old daughter is very sick with covid. She's been vomiting for days, her intestines have shut down and aren't moving anything through. She is in a lot of pain. And both my cousin and his wife are persons with disabilities and are higher risk of complications from Covid if they catch it.

My son's soccer coach is out with Covid. Luckily they are very strict with masks for outdoor practice and everyone wears a mask. So my son is considered low risk for catching it.

My grandfather's nursing home has multiple cases of Covid.

And my other grandfather is in the hospital after a fall. He doesn't have Covid but my dad can't visit him. Which sucks bc they are overmedicating my grandpa. Who is normally very with it, and is now unable to even communicate.
My mother in law died of Covid last April. So I feel a lot of dread knowing how many people I love are surrounded by it now.

It sucks to have all this exploding in our area. And so many people are just going on as if no one around them matters.

Please wear a mask, and limit your activities outside your home.
Cases are the highest they have ever been in our area and I am not that comfortable with the precautions our gym is taking. I don't think the distancing is really there and I think there are too many people in the gym at a time. I have not pulled my daughter out yet but I am debating how long to let her go while cases are so high.
Cases are rising everyday. My daughter has decided to pull herself from gym after this session (3 more weeks) and in the meantime has shifted to practices that have less people than her normal ones. My other daughter’s ballet company is as careful as any I’ve seen. She’ll be self-quarantining two weeks ahead and getting tested ahead of and following their upcoming performance.
The numbers in our state are high again but the numbers in our county have gone up an average of 50 per day. Not so bad at all and I realize that could change quickly.

For schools- what is your school system’s cutoff or line in the sand for when they move kids back to remote learning? In my area kids are back in school full steam ahead as if nothing ever happened. Kids started going back when our county was still at 7% positivity and risk level moderate.
20 cases in our small elementary school this week. Student population is 96, so over 1/5 infected that we know of. Likely many more. We live in a village of 750 people, kids are bussed from up to an hour away. These are our first cases.
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The numbers in our state are high again but the numbers in our county have gone up an average of 50 per day. Not so bad at all and I realize that could change quickly.

For schools- what is your school system’s cutoff or line in the sand for when they move kids back to remote learning? In my area kids are back in school full steam ahead as if nothing ever happened. Kids started going back when our county was still at 7% positivity and risk level moderate.
No cases in our schools to this point, and we have been fully in person since October 5.
Our elementary school is "cohorting" the students ... a max of 20 kids will be in contact (wearing masks, hand sanitizer stations, plexiglass between desks ... especially if they can't maintain 6 feet of distance between - all 3 schools in the district are following these standards and more). The hope is that this will mean only a class would need to be quarantined ... along with the teacher. The teacher would be able to teach remotely from home AS LONG AS the teacher is negative.

In the middle school, the cohorting is harder due to electives, but they are trying to keep it at a max of 40 students. Teachers are maintaining social distance in hopes of NOT having to quarantine if a student tests positive.

At the high school, it's a crap shoot. Anyone that has a class with a student (and sits in the "danger zone" - defined as at the same table / desk group OR at an adjacent table / desk group that shares walking space with the positive student) who may test positive would have to quarantine for 14 days.
Australia too, NSW. We had a day a couple of days ago where there were no cases of covid found in the entire country (except for people in compulsory quarantine having recently arrived from overseas.) Yesterday and the day before, my state recorded one new case, the day before, none. Tests are free and easy to come by and PCR test results tend to come back within 12 hours.

We have restrictions on things like how many people can gather in a private house, how many people can gather in a public space, how many people can fit into a restaurant, or other indoor business, or busses etc. Parents are not allowed into the gym, or onto school grounds. Most meetings and interviews and the like still happen via zoom. Working from home is still encouraged when it is possible. Mask wearing is encouraged but not compulsory. It’s hovering at around 25% in shops where I live, I would guess. Higher on public transport.

School attendance is full time but schools have lots of rules about keeping kids in ‘bubbles’, so a lot of mixed-age sporting and cultural activities have been cancelled. Professional sports are allowed spectators - spaced out in ticketed seats that they have to stick to (for contact tracing reasons). I think choral singing is still banned? Things like large music festivals are still not happening because contact tracing is too hard. My daughter’s entire gym competition season (usually May to October) was cancelled this year.

There are very strict rules to promote contact tracing - many types of business have to keep a record of everyone who enters. There are big fines for businesses that break the rules or for people failing to self isolate, but to make up for that if you are told you have to to self isolate because you are a close contact, or if you have covid, and you work but don’t have paid sick leave, there is a $1500 government payment.

Contact tracing preliminary interviews happen within hours of a positive result being received, and close contacts are called as soon as they are identified. Alerts for locations go out both privately to identified contacts and on the news as social media as soon as they are identified. So they will say something like ‘anyone who ate at ABC restaurant on 3rd November between 1 and 2pm is considered a close contact and must self isolate.’ ‘Anyone who got takeaway during that time is considered a casual contact and must monitor for symptoms and test and isolate if symptoms appear.‘

Schools are closed for a day after a case is identified. Across the state on any given day there is usually one or no schools closed. Occasionally when siblings at different schools test positive a couple of schools will close at the same time. During this day close and casual contacts are contacted and tested. If nobody else, or just a very close contact tests positive, school goes back the next day with just close contacts isolating. If there is another positive case - in a different class, the school remains closed while wider testing is carried out to catch every case. Three cases in three separate classes can close a school for the entire two weeks.

I feel like we are doing as well as we can, short of eliminating it.
Minnesota here and getting bad. Numbers are as high as they have ever been and hospitals are near or at capacity. Governor will be implementing new restrictions tomorrow. I don't expect them to affect schools or the gym, most likely going after bars and restaurants. Most schools in our area are switching to full online starting next week. Meets are scheduled but no idea if they will actually happen.
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Our schools are still closed and numbers are better. Mask compliance practically 100%. Even in many local gyms.
@FlippinLilysMom our school district has voted on no winter sports, and switched to distance learning for the high school. I’m looking at the winter here and thinking it will be bad. I don’t think gyms will stay open- for now, yes, but not sure for how long.
Our numbers are inching up but nowhere near our worst ( which was July). Bars have been closed for months and never reopened. There are no new regulations in place.
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