For Parents How large are your compulsory teams

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we came last year from a huge gym that had over 100 team members and 40 L4's so this gym is small which i LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pre-team - 5
4's - 7 or 8 (i think)
5's - 4
6's - 2 (but they're testing out of 6 after our first meet to go to optionals)
7-10 - 6 or 7
This is the first I have ever heard of a gym capping their numbers. That stinks!! At both gyms we have been to here it is all about the have them, you move up, you don't have them, you don't move up. I don't get why they couldn't allow more girls if they were ready!
Right now I think our gym has 12 - L4's, 13 - L5's, 16 - L6's, not sure how many 7's, L8/9 about 7, L9/10 about 12 and there are about 8-10 elites that train, too. This week is dd's team camp week so she gets a chance to watch 'the big girls' train. It's kind of cool. One of our elites was at the Olympic Trials. Seeing her there and seeing her at the gym it's like 2 different people. She looked larger than life to dd at the trials. :)
Interesing! Would be interesting to also know if the gyms are in small, medium or large cities.

We live in a city within a major metropolitan area, population over 4 million

We have (according to our last roster)
L4 29
L5 11
L6 15
L7 3
L8 1
L9 4

Though our list is organized by last level competed, unless you are new, and many girls are training the next level or already will be competing in that level, so it will be different when the season actually starts. Some will be competing fall as one level, then the next for spring.
I posted already about the size of our L4 team (about 12 girls). We are in a suburb of Atlanta.
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