How long did it take you to get your first Kip?

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Approximately 6 months to make the low bar kip, and made my first long hang kip that day too. Took a couple more months to get the low bar kip consistently and two years to get the long hang kip consistently :eek:
It took me about a month to get it consistant but i just kinda grasped it quickly. Some girls at my gym took 1 month to a year to get it consistantly. the biggest thing is to pop your wrists( thats what most many girls do too late)
hope this helps.
My understanding is that kips are one of those things that has much to do with timing, feel and body awareness, but not so much strength. That's probably why some kids can get it in a short couple of months and others can take up to a couple of years (and beyond).
Glide kip: about 2 or 3 months. Once I understood that the rhythm feels different than how it looks, I totally had it down and I was doing straight armed, consistent kips a month or two after I got my first one.
Long hang kip: maybe 3 or 4 months. I only got a good cast out of it 2 months ago, though - maybe 8 months after I started working on it.
When I actually started working on them it took me around .. 6 months. I had it there on and when I actually started team and going to practice often it took me around a month to get a straight armed kip. I hadn't worked on long hang kips until starting team and when I did I got it on my first try. Took a few weeks to get it to a straight armed kip. :D

Oh man so many grammar errors. /goes back to fix/
it took me like a month or two to get my glide kip and i got my high bar kip a couple days after that. and then to get it with strait arms it took me a couple more weeks. i had truble flipping my wrist.
Ive been wondering that I just stared practicing for the kip nothing yet ....we will see
Probably took me three or four months to get both of my kips and then a few more to get them consistent and with straight arms. They can be so frustrating but once you get the timing and "popping" of your wrists you feel so relieved!
well...i've always been really strong on bars, so it took me about a month to get it on low bar, plus several more months to get it down solid. long hang took me about two months, but it was more consistent in a shorter period of time.
I got mine about 5 months after I started gymnastics. It took about 2 weeks after I started working on it.
I tried it with a spot a few times, but once I really started working on it at every practice, I think it took me about 4 months, but I pretty much had it consistent right away, and I got long hang kip right away from there, but it was a lot uglier, and the straight arms took probably another 2 months.
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