How long do your grips last?

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Sep 19, 2008
Ok, so I was just wondering. Lately, my grips, which I've had since end of March, have started to feel slippery, stiff... and just a bit off / insecure. The pair I've had before that has lasted me about half a year as well. The pair before that was my first, and I had them for a couple of years,.. but that was only slightly more than a year of regular workouts and 3 years of occasional usage when I went to university and was forced to quit. I didn't use water back then either.

The thing is though, I hardly ever do bars more than twice a week and don'T have that many swinging skills (like, I can't do giants,... I might to clear hip- flyaway but that's the most swinging I'm doing). I also use water (lots), which I guess might make them wear our sooner.

So, just so that I don't feel overly stupid about buying new grips yet again: How long do your grips normally last? Am I being too picky about the feel of my grips or is it pretty much normal to need a new pair sometime soon?

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
I don't think you're being picky at all. Since you don't do many swinging skills and don't work out that much, those grips should be lasting longer. All I can relate to is my gymmie's experience. She is a bars girl----giants, double backs, shoot overs. She wears Ten 0 velcro grips and has usually gotten at least 1 year out of them. Her 1st pair lasted 18 mos although at that time she was just learning giants and wasn't practicing quite so much. Yes, she sprays water on hers before doing certain skills.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I have had mine for over a year, and i still LOVE them :) The velcro doesn't stick anymore though, i have to put rubber bands over the velcro so it will stay! And i spray water on my grips before every turn on bars.
Dec 8, 2007
Lets see I got my grips in level 5 and I still use the same ones as a level 9? This will be my 6th year using them. I have another pair incase these suddenly break. The Velcro is already messed up.
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