How long does it take for a sprained wrist to heal?

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I sprained my wrist on my tumbling pass [double back handspring] 20 minutes into class yesterday. Basically i bailed out because i at least thought i was going to hit my coach or the wall. I landed hard on the back of my right wrist. Which is why my typing sucks.

I really need it to heal by thursday. I've been icing it and wrapping it and putting topricin [however you spell it] on it but it's still stiff and swollen. My parents don't think it's broken. We are going to see the chiropractor [she used to be a gymnast] after the swelling goes down so she can make sure all the joints are in place.

If it doesn't heal in time i will have to miss the end of year show and i will probably not get on team as a result. If this happens i will be crushed. Not kidding here.

You really should see a doctor and have it x-rayed to be sure if there is a fracture or not. Once you know that you will know how to proceed with treatment. If there is a fracture you are not going to be tumbling on it in a week, but a sprain could be treated and maybe with a brace you would be able to go to the show. You need to know for sure how to traet it.

I don't know how your gym works, but I can't see why missing this show due to an injury is going to keep you from the team. Surely your coaches know what you can do by now and whether to invite you to join the team.

Good luck with the wrist - I hope it heals soon.
I thought it would be a good idea too but my mom gets all annoyed and asks me 'do you WANT to go to the doctor?' well not really... But i think it might be worth doing... :eek:uch:

Yes they should know what i can do but they don't pay attention to me. :boggled: They are always watching one of my classmates. So even though i can do more then she can they seem to need a side by side comparison, which could only happen at the show.

My wrist is a lot better today; I can type and it's only a teeny bit swollen if at all. It hurts a lot if I put pressure on it though. Tried to do a handstand or two but gave up because it hurt like heck and I didn't want to damage it. :eek:uch:

Can't wait to do a cartwheel again!! :bouncy:

I'm going to the doctors on wednesday. Earliest time we could make an appointment (next was in July! :eek:) She'll just check it out and see if it might need an x-ray (probably doesn't) or further treatment.

I'm happy it's better; hopefully it'll be at least 95% good to go by thursday :eek:ptimist:
Still a little nervous that won't be, but I talked to my coaches and they think it'll be in good enough shape to do the show with a little tape. Hurray!! :hyper:
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