How long is your drive to the gym?

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We drive 30 minutes to our gym:eek:. It's a drive, but my daugheter loves her gym. I don't care for the ride and the fact I feel I should stay instead of driving all the back home. Just wondering if others have drive?
There are 2 rec gyms in my area, as well as one competitive. I went there for about 2 years, and it's about a 5 minute drive. The one I went to for the longest, and I call my home gym is about 15-20 minutes away. sometimes shorter, depending on traffic. There is one really well known gym in my area, and people are known to drive quite a way to get their. One or two hours is the longest people have driven for a gym in our state, we have some pretty nice gyms.
40 minutes each way in summer, up to an hour each way in winter. I have one girls or both in the gym Tuesday - Friday and at two different times on Saturday. We drive 8 times a week at least as the kids school is in the same town as the gym. The only good thing is during the week and school year the bus drops them at gym and I just pick up. Before those days we drove about 13 times aweek.

In the summer for training we drive twice a day M-F.

As for staying there, we have tried it, but it deprives our other kids of family time and meals, help with homework etc. We also find when we try to waste 2-3 hours over there we end up spending more money than the gas would cost to drive home.

I have 65,000km on my one year old car! I won't even tell you about the gas bills. No car pools available either.

Next nearest gym is one hour away on a good day.
I used to have a 30 minute drive each way to the gym unless behind a tractor or school bus! We moved 18 months ago and I was thrilled that now I.m to the gym in 13 minutes if no tractors, buses, bad weather or police cars!

I felt coaching fit was more important for my DD and I haven't regretted our choice yet! (We do have a closer option)

I still do alot of driving though 5000 km every 6 weeks on average! My husband doesn't understand why I don't get oil changes every 5000 km, I tell him I haven't been my 3 months yet!:D
Drive to Gym

We drive about 20 min. each way. Ten trips a week on the car. Yes, it was hard when gas was expensive...
30 min. each way. I usually stay for the 3hr. practice due to gas unless I need to be back for home for the my older 2 kids who don't do gymnastics. During the summer, practices bump up to 4hrs, so I tend to leave during those and come back to hit my son's baseball games or whatever is going on here at home. I thank god for the other great parents there and for my blackberry to keep me entertained when I stay at the gym, lol.

I'd say that at least half of my dds team travels at least 20 min. - 45 min to get there. 2 girls travel 1hr. 15min. ea. way during good weather. So, I guess I won't complain about the 30 min. that it takes me.
Right now i drive 40 min each way to gym. Next year when i change gyms, it will be an hour and a half each way. And thats if we don't run into traffic. Its going to be interesting.
btw, these are the closest gyms to me. honestly.
You know after reading your post I do spend more money handing out in the city were dd does gymanstics than just driving home. I think I will learn to just drive home and live my life as well instead of staying at th gym talking w/other mom's which just opens up another can of worms. Thanks.
We have a seven minute drive to the gym which is good but having three girls in gymnastics means we are at the gym everyday except Sunday, not too bad when I hear about the thirty minute drives there and back!!
Dd's gym is no more than 15 minutes from our house. I usually drop off and then come back about 1.5 hrs before it ends and watch the end of her practice. I am so happy that I am close enough to go home in between.
My gym at home is 25 minutes away. I live closer than most of the other optionals, so I can't complain too much!
Driving time is 15-25 minutes depending on traffic and road construction which seems to be never ending. Add 15-20 minutes if its winter weather.
Our gym is about 20 minutes from home and less than 10 minutes from my work. My dh takes my daughter to gym after school and then goes home. I pick her up in the evening after work. I usually try to get there a little early so I can watch an hour or so of practice. We do have other gyms about the same distance away, but the gym I'd really love for her to attend is nearly an hour away (without traffic, which can extend the drive to 2 hours) - just too far to drive given evening practice hours.
Our gym is 1 hour 15 minutes away. To make it worse it's up a 2 1/2 mile mountain which is a royal pain in the winter but I would never change her back to the gym that is literally 2 miles from my house. The coaching is superb and my daughter has inproved more than either of us could have imagined.
The gym in Vermont that allows me, an adult, to attend is a 2 hr drive one way! The 2 hr drive home at night exhausted from workout is not fun, especially in Winter weather.
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