How long is your drive to the gym?

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From my house it is a 40 minute drive. Each way.

And now with extra classes since I'm graduating a year early, tutoring elementary kids, church, and a new job, the drive it's self takes a lot of my time away.

Good news though, once summer comes around, I'm moving into an apartment 4 miles from my gym and college campus(opposite directions).
Our gym is a 30 min drive and I don't usually stay because of the other kids but some days I am so cik of driving that I stay. There is a closer gym that we tried but it didn't work well for us. I am praying that I can find a carpool because in June little DD moves to preteam and that means driving 5 days a week.
We are pretty close... about 15 minutes. I dont stay for all of practice (either 4 or 5 hours depending on the day), unless I want to get something done! Then I hide in the corner and use the gyms wireless internet. I get more done there than at home! LOL..
Beetle's BFF drives just over and hour each way.
Same story here. We went to gym in our city which didn't work out. I would love to find a car pool.
Our gym is about a 5-7 minute drive from home. Since I have two at the gym ,one on team and one on Junior team, they train in different hours, I sometimes find myself driving multiple times a day....luckily it's so close :)
Once I switch it'll be a 1 1/2 hour drive each way.It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes on the way there friday night because of the traffic.
When I was training, I drove 2 hours one way to get to the gym. I did this for 8 years! Vermont has terrible winter weather at times and after my 3 1/2 hour workout ending at 9pm, the 2 hour drive home was especially hard in snowstorms. I'm an adult gymnast so I had to drive myself. I wish Vermont had gyms in the center of the state. :(
the gym is only 10 miles down the road and when there is no traffic it takes 15 min but usually there is traffic trying to get on the highway when the industrial park lets out and it takes closer to 30 - 45 min to get there.
Wow I think you win a gold star for the long drive and your dedication to the sport. We must do what we love. You go girl
my gyms 30 min each way. and my mom/dad never stays for my 4 hour practices, so they drive 30 min and drop me off, drive home 30 min, drice back 30 min to pick me up, then drive home another 30 min. puts alot of miles on my parents cars!
Our gym is about a 10 min drive. Where I am in Missouri there are literally 5 gyms within 20 min. of my house. I feel for you guys who do not have the options that we do here.
My daughter's gym has two facilities. One is a 35 min drive, not too bad, but the other is a 45-50 min drive. I share driving with another mom so I don't have to go everyday, but when it is my turn, I have to stay because it's too far to make four trips in a day. I have found several places to shop, and there is a huge mall nearby. It's not too bad.
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