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Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
of a break do your kids get from gymnastics when summer session starts?

my girls are going bazerk not being in the gym. it has been 3 weeks and they were suppose to start back tomorow night but the school they practice at just told the head coach they are having there all night senoir party that night so now they have to wait till thursday. my dh is not happy since he had to pay a month for 2 weeks of gymnastcs and this month it wil be only 3 weeks and he has to pay a month again and same for july since they have july 4th week again

but more than anything my girls are going nuts not being in the gym.


We don't have a break - we go right into the summer schedule when the kids get out of school. The gym does close for 4th of July week though. I'm not sure if the rec classes & pre-team have a break before the summer schedule - but team doesn't.


Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
No break here either. Monday is the last evening practice, and Wednesday DD starts day time practices. Our gym is closed one week July 27 to Aug 2 as out coaches coach at Lake Owen. DD and I will be going to camp, so there is no break for her.



Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
Our gym is closing for one week (June 23 - 27) so that the owners/coaches can have a vacation! Then it's right back to practice as usual. They also close for one week near the end of August, but that's it!


We don't have a break either. Although, our gym closes for a week at Memorial and for a week at the end of July. We all need a vacation some time! :)

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
No break at our gym either. In fact they offered a camp for rec kids last week. For us, the 1st week of June we switched to the summer schedule. I think the rec kids are off 1 week in July when the gym hosts a week long competitive camp and of course over the 4th of July.

Hope they aren't making you pay tuition for the 4 wks without gymnastics!


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
NO breaks here. The longest my daughter went without gym was back in Feb when she was sick and out for about 2 weeks. I think the coach is taking a week vacation during the Summer but sure we will have another coach fill-in since they will be getting serious with the routines again soon. When my DD was out sick she was going nuts too about not being able to go to the gym.
Nov 9, 2007
No breaks for us either, in fact sumer schedule starts one day before my dd can attend. She does have a break though, 2 days off for church camp, and a whole week off for girl scout camp. We so look foward to summer schedule, although dd 2 keeps me running with softball and traveling b-ball 4 days a week. And theres no dance in the summer either, yeah! We are really looking forward to this summer, dd1 is Finally working on optionals, she's a 7 this fall. After 4 years on the same routines over and over, I'm sure the other Mom's who have been there can feel my joy. Hope everyone has a great summer.


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Jan 4, 2008
Our kids have two weeks over Christmas and thats the only break they get throughout the year.


Proud Parent
May 21, 2008
No break for us either. Gym closes for one week in the summer. Summer schedule starts once school is out.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Our gym was closed last week. Today it is back to work. My not have anything the week after the 4th because most of the team girls are going to camp in Myrtle Beach. We sadly could not afford.


Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
my oldest dd just asked me out of the blue this morning allready why dont we have gym today! She cant wait to go back!
(and yes we do have to pay for the weeks we dont have it and the price went up to)


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
No break here either. I actually think they should have a scheduled summer break.

I think the only scheduled break DDs gym has is about 2 weeks in December. I remember last year she was itching to go back as well, but she was only going 3 hours a week then. She might be thrilled about it this year. LOL.


No break for us either. We go right into summer workout schedule starting the Monday after school lets out. We are taking a vacation this summer, though, so we will have a week off.



We also have no break - we end training on a Thursday, and start up the summer schedule on the next Tuesday.



Our gym has no break either! Team camp right after school lets out. They train straight through christmas. They do take 4th of July weekend off and that's about it. DD hasn't more than 4 days off since she started team last april '07 and that was for her 5th b-day we went to disney. I am giving her 9 days off this week and then back to team camp. And she's already asking when team camp is starting!!!!
Jan 9, 2008
I am glad to hear my daughter is not the only one without a break after school lets out. She is done school Friday, has practice regular Saturday practice then starts summer practice Monday. They go all summer except the last week in August before school. I thought this was alittle extreme but it must be common if most of the gyms are doing this. This is our first year of team practice in the summer so I hope we will survive!:eek:
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