WAG How many deductions for hitting your feet on the bar?

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Mar 27, 2023
So recently, I competed at Level 8 and hit the bar on my double flipping dismount. Obviously, I fell but I'm curious how much they take. Is it 0.5 (Fall)+ the hit? I'm also curious about what score I could've gotten. My score was 8.4.
It is a flat .2 deduction for hitting the apparatus with foot/feet. This would be in addition to the fall deduction of .5. So .7 in flat deductions and then you would also likely have some execution deductions on the way down. Hopefully you made it to your feet first for landing, otherwise it would have been more deductions. I imagine without the fall and hit you would have been in the low 9s…depending on how many execution errors you had on the dismount. If those were significant you may have been closer to a mid 9 without the dismount mishap.
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