How many hours of sleep does your gymnast get a night?

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May 17, 2010
Region 5
DS, 8.5, 2nd grader, gets about 10 hours a night. He's up at 6 am like clockwork, has his entire life, so we try to get him in bed by 8. Once or twice a week it's later, due to sports practices.

DS/DD, 5.5, Kindergartners, get 10.5-11, depending on if they sleep in (which for them is 6:30 or sometimes 7, very rarely). We try to have them in bed 7:30/8.

We have to leave for school (no bus) at 7:30 am.


Feb 9, 2011
I'm a 11th grader. But I homeschool so that helps a bit. I get around 8 hours of sleep, 9 on a day I get to sleep in a bit.
We still follow a schedule so on the days I take a class at the local college I get up at 7 and the days we just do schoolwork at home I get up at 8.
Usually head to bed around 10:30 but end up reading or doing other things until 11-12ish.

My little siblings vary how much they sleep the 8 year old will pretty much always get 10-11 hours of sleep and if she doesn't shes a bear the next day.
7 year old gets up at 6:00 no matter what time he goes to sleep so we usually try to get him to bed at 9 at the very latest. But he'll usually still get around 9-10 hours of sleep.
6 year old will get a good 10-11 hours usually. But sometimes doesn't fall asleep until very late.

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sorry to come in to this thread so late...but what is 'sleep'?...:)


Jan 18, 2009
If I'm ever in a HC position, I rally think I would do all I could to get practices done before 9, it's just too late to still be running/jumping around, especially for the younger crowd. I need lots of sleep to keep myself going throughout the day, I have since I was a baby, and those late nights at the gym combined with getting up to catch the bus by around 7:05ish was a lot to handle for me. I fell asleep in class constantly. My brother on the other hand was a competitive swimmer and would attend morning practice several days a week (45 minutes away sometimes), head to school, and practice again in the evening until 8:30ish, then come home to eat dinner and do homework. I have no idea how he did it!
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I'm about the same as Fishchimes, and I think 8 hours is pretty good for me!
And I need my random fluffing around time too (even if I have loads of homework).
Just the other night I went to bed earlier and found it harder to get up at the same time..
My mum says it's because I overslept or something, but who knows?
I couldn't have 12 hours of sleep anyway, my normal schedule goes from 8.15am to 9.00pm without getting home, that's school-piano-gym in that order. (argh!!! high school , followed by ABRSM GRADE 8 PIANO, FOLLOWED BY LVL 8 GYM!!!!!)
*sigh* I'm a slave to routine.
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