how many leos do you have???

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hehe i have 5 leos counting competion! :applause::thumbsup:
I'm giving descriptions!

Practice leos (all tank-top style straps)
-red velvet with sequined swoosh on chest, which is peeling off due to being four years old
-purple velvet with sequined star design on chest, which is peeling due to being four years old
-black shiny with interesting straps - one is a thick tank-top strap but the other is thin with a cutout, so it looks kinda like those Greek-style dresses
-light purple shiny, solid on bottom, sequined/sparkly with white and lilac from bottom of the bra-line up
-light brown and shiny, also four years old but doing quite well

Competition leos (all long sleeved)
-red with black zigzag down center, small V-neck, black sequins on collar, discontinued last year so we had to get:
-black with red trim running down the arms, wide V-neck, looks very sleek but I don't like it as much as the old one
Right now I have.........3 :) And 1 comp. but I can't wear it!!! I need to get like 3 new ones soon, because 3 leos and practice 5 days a week is getting pretty gross.
Only 3, none of which properly fit and I only wear one of them to practice.
like 35???

i practice 18ish hrs a week and i only wear like half my leos regularly but i wear them all at some time

mine are GK, ADDIAS, and my comp leos are dreamlight, ive had 3 dif ones so far

u guys are so lucky u can wear shorts over ur leos to workout!! we are not allowed, we can wear them only for running at the beginning of practice
I have 13 leos which is funny cuz I practice 13 hrs a week so I could change my Leo every hour. (but I don't haha) :)
i can't even count. i know i have at least 7 different competition leos from my club team. then i have 2 different leos for high school competition (one short sleeve, one long). they're all green and black!!! those were my team colors and my school colors lol.

i also have at least 10 or 15 tank top leos for practice. and a ton of spandex shorts for practice too.
A lot less than I wish I had as I work out almost everyday and have to do laundry at least twice a week, as a matter of fact I really need more bikers and sports bras too. I wish all that stuff was cheaper. I have scored a couple good deals off ebay but my size is rarer. I probably have 8 or so leos but only like 3 fit right. I got some off ebay from a lady who makes them and the designs are awesome but the fit is so weird. I am compact and muscular and these would fit someone with a long long torso who is slender. Tried selling the rejects on ebay but it costs more to sell on ebay than it is worth usually. I wish I could located all retired gymnasts and have a leo sell.
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I have 10 leos or a bit more and 7 shorts and i do 2 hrs a week :)
Holy Cr*p!!! 10 leos and 7 shorts for 2hrs a week!!!!!!!! That's heaps!!! lucky!

I train 11 hrs a week as of next year (increase of 2 hrs) and have 2 leotards 3 crop tops and 3 gk shorts but will have 4 leotards 4 crop tops and 4 gk shorts after xmas

My mum doesn't like having anymore than required :p
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lol hahaa neither does my mum she won't buy me any more :( lol and it makes it even worse that i have ten because they arent even on show i wear t-shirts over the top and shorts lol i hate wearing leos more than once lol i always feel like i never have enough of something haah i kinda have 4 pairs of the same shorts and 3 pairs of the same shoes in case one breaks then the next breaks ;) LOL
I have an idea to get you more leos!! if you have a team mate the same size as you then share leos i do this sometimes with my team mate we go halvseys on a leotard we want say its worth 50 we only pay 25 each and we swap every week that way our parents are happy too haha we only do this with a couple of leos so far though i lent her one of mine for the comp a few weeks ago and thats were it started but she didnt end up wearing it because she didnt compete (got to scared :( ) oh and if you do do this make sure you wash after you give it back ;)
I have around 12ish, 1 being comp leo. A lot of them are GK or ones bought from meets/gym. Comp leo is Alpha factor and some of them are hand me downs from the older girls.( BTW this is a really good idea for anyone needing to get rid of leos. Sometimes my gym has a leotard swap sorta thing.It's really fun and a great way to get rid of small leos and give other people new ones. :p)

Oh, and I have 4 pairs of those velvet GK shorts. 2 are black and 2 are blue, one dark blue and the other light blue. :D
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Re-counted i have 20 and 2 on the way LOL :p but i dont wear tops over the top anymore cause its SUMMER aka boiling hot lol
22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you would never need to where one more than once!! That must have been heaps expensive!! I train 10hrs (our coach changed her mind again.) and have 5 leotards, 3 crop tops and 4 or 5 shorts haha thats enough to get me through 8 days of training so 3 weeks without doubling up but i hardly wear 1 of them and 1 is comp leo but now is for training because we are getting a new comp leo :p Thank god i hated the other one :p it made everyone look fat
haha yep, LOL it made everyone look fat hehe, no they actually werent that dear i got 2 for my birthday i think, 2 for christmas, i got 3 leos off this man on youtube who makes leotards and they were really cheap (they were my first), i have like one from AF i hate af lol and yeah i dunno but that werent really dear i think i have 4 leotards that are like 50 dollars and they r my dearest (not inc post). one of my ones coming is a competition long sleeve leo it's navy with white and baby yellow swirl on the front worth $120 from gk but i got it for $15 with like $14 postage from a lady who only tried it on on ebay lol I LOVE EBAY hehehehehe
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