how many meals a day?

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How many meals do you or your gymnast eat in a day? 3 meals, 6 smaller meals etc? I've heard different things about eating more small meals instead of three regular meals but I don't know what's best for gymnasts:confused:
Mar 5, 2008
North America
My dd, and myself included, have always been grazers. We eat small amounts but all day long--so probably closer to 6 smaller meals as opposed to 3 regular meals. It really depends on the gymnast and their appetite. I always just listen to my body and eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. My kids pretty much eat the same way. It is also very important to make sure they are eating healthy foods but let them have the option of a treat once in a while. If there was a fresh fruit platter and a veggie tray out along with cookies or sweets, my kids would automatically go for the fresh fruit and veggies first, then maybe have a cookie later. That is just the way that they grew up.
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
well on school days i have:
-breakfast in the morning
- snack at 10:15 (muffin, or granola bar...)
-lunch at 12
-small snack on the bus sometimes (3:00)
- rather large snack when i get home 4:00
- Dinner at 5:00
- and another rather large snack when i get home from gym at 9:30

So 3 regular meals and 4 snacks in between...
Sep 9, 2007
For me, breakfast, lunch and dinner with a snack in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. But everyone is different, so just listen to your body!!

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Ideally it should be 6 small meals or 3 meals with some healthy snacks in between. Thats in a perfect world. On school days with gym, breakfast around 7, lunch at 12:45(yup she drew the late lunch this year), snack on way to gym and then finishes it up sometime during practice and dinner about 8. She can bring a small non messy snack to school to eat around 10 or so, but often forgets it.

During the summer she does better although usually eats a smaller breakfast.
Jul 21, 2007
I tend to eat around 3 meals and 1-2 snacks a day. Breakfest before school, lunch, then I coach for a few hours and have a snack on the way to practice. And I eat dinner after practice.

If I have morning practices I have a lot more little meals. I'll have a small snack (yogurt and juice) before practice, then another snack after practice before school, then a small lunch, another snack before second practice, and then usually a larger dinner. Sounds like a lot but this is from around 5am-8pm.
When I was in Gym I usually had around 2 or 3 big meals, then fix little snacks thorughout the day, or "Mini Meals", like Cambell's Soup at hand or whatever.

I could NEVER eat before practice, I would get extremely nauseated.

Now that I'm out of gym, I eat a lot less, though.
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