How many meets per year?

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My other thread made me really curious. Post your child's level or your level and how many meets you compete in per year.

DD's team does 7-8 meets in the fall that are required. The last 2 you have to qualify for, but usually everyone qualifies. In the spring the meets are not required, except for the first one because we host. This year the team had the option of going to 2 in addition to the 1 required. So in total if you went to every meet it would be 11 meets in one year. This is for levels 4-6. I don't know about the other levels at the gym.
All levels in Quebec compete in three qualifiers, if they are in the top 48 of their level they will go forward to a sectional, the top 24 from the sectional will go to provincials. Considering there are often more than 100 girls in each group most girls only do three meets a year.
This year the team did four YMCA meets and four USAG meets. I'm not sure if any of them are "required," though I think everyone went to all of them unless there was a fairly good reason. Kathy missed one of the YMCA meets because I had messed up the schedule when I made up our calendar and we made plans to be away that weekend. I think that there was a general feeling that the YMCA meets were the fun meets (the girls placed well, came home with lots of bling) and the USAG meets were the important meets (the ones where you could qualify for sectionals or states, depending on your level). Even with that missed meet, Kathy did 7 meets + sectionals and will also be going to states, so that's 9 meets in just over 5 months, which is more than enough for me! We don't go to any far-away meets (none out-of-state) but other than one meet at the private gym in town, they were all about 2-3 hours away. States will actually be our closest meet other than the one here in town. I do love meet season, but I also love when it's over.
My dd competed level 4 this past year. We did 6 meets and their season runs from September till December.
Our 4-6 level team does 5 to 6 meets in the fall season (sept-nov) with states in Nov. They do 3-4 meets in the "spring" (jan-mar). -we are only doing 3 this season(one was cancelled, and never replaced) boys level 4 and up and girls optionals only do spring season. Boys have about 5 meets including states. Optionals do 4-5, then have states, etc. I do know some of the compulsary teams here only do the fall season (for states) and some do a whole lot more than we do.

so, Sept to March, my dd will do 8 total. my ds will do 5.
I am level 7. same for all the optionals is 4 regular meets,then states if you qualify(everyone did) and the regionals,westerns,and nationals.Obviously nations are only for level 10 westerns for 9,10 and regionals for level 8,9,10. So everyone will do 5 meets and some will do up to 8 if they qualify
In New Zealand we have one season per year, in winter. The junior levels at our gym do four competitions per season (the higher levels do more, including nationals for those who qualify). Last year was my DD's first season and four competitions was definitely enough. The kids in her class were all getting a bit tired by the fourth one.
Because we have to get on a plane and fly to any meet, we only usually make it to 3 per year. They don't build up to any big qualifier or anything - we mainly go to what we can find that is reasonable in terms of travel costs and timing. We go to a couple of Trinidad meets because they are closest, and then there is usually 1 US meet - the past couple of years it has been Crown of the Carolinas. Next year we are hoping to be able to afford the Presidential at ESPN Wide World of Sports (Orlando) in February, but it depends on how the fundraising goes. These days we look for meets that have boys' events as well, because our small new boys team shares a coach with the girls' team, and so it works out better to have them compete at the same meet rather than travel separately. Our boys competed at Crown last year, which was their first meet I think.
DD is still currently in her L9 season. They did 4 Invitationals, 1 Qualifier Meet, States coming up in a couple of weeks, Regionals the 2nd weekend of April and possibly Nationals for a possible total of 8.
DD is stll in her L7 season. They do 5 meets (invitationals) states(in two weeks) and then regionals (If she qualifies for the team) for a total of 8.
I'm in level 8. This year, levels 8-10 has/had 5 invitationals, an optional 'fly meet', a team only competition (best 5 girls compete on each event, top 3 scores counted), and then states, regionals, and nationals for 9/10 if you qualified. Unfortunately, I only competed in 2 meets this year because I got hurt; I'm hoping to compete floor at the team only meet at the end of the month. So 6-10 meets.
At the gym where dd did level 4,5,6 we did 10-12 meets a year including states, optionals there did about 6 meets a year then states/regionals, nationals. All meets were mandatory. At the gym where she has done level 7 and 8, everyone does about 6 meets a year, and then state/regionals/nationals if qualified. Meets here are not mandatory- you sign up for the ones you want to attend.
If you count Judges' Cup (practice meet) and State meet, my daughter's level 4 team competed in 9 meets. Meets went from September to February. Whew!
This year we have 8 meets...Level 5. Last year was CRAZY, Level 4 had 13 meets. Alex moved to Level 5 that January and then another meet was added to her schedule (states). She ended up breaking her foot and did not compete at states since she only did bars at any of the L5 meets she attended.
My dd is a Level 7. We have 8 meets this year - 7 invitiationals and the State meet. There is nothing beyond States at Level 7. All optionals and compulsories compete only one season, which runs from November through March, April or May (depending on your level).
TOO MANY this year.. Beetle's team ended up with 2 more meets than were planned. Counting the Judges Mock Meet 10. Then State and possibly Regions
My DD is a L7 and she had 5 invitationals not including the state meet. There are no regionals in my State for L7.
DD Optional team will do 7 meets and then State (if they qualfied). Levels 8 -1 0 could do Regionas also. This is plenty and they try hard to spread them out with them not being back to back weekends. It doesnt alsways work out that way however.
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