How much do you pay?

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We pay $ 330 (Canadian) for 20 hours per week - ratio of 6:1 :)



Our compulsories pay twice that in Norcal for the same number of hours. I think our L5-6 girls train 12 and pay more than the other compulsories.


We pay $175.00 for 12 hours per week. I think it is $145.00 for 9 hours. There are about 40 girls on team (levels 4-9) and anywhere from 2 - 4 coaches.


Jun 24, 2008
We've done this a few times, but my gym is $192 for 16 hours/week and $210 for 20 hours/week. The coach: gymnast ratio is almost always 8:1 or lower.


We pay $205 per month for 9 hours. 1-2 coaches depending on the day, but we have a small compulsory team this year.
We are in Western New York. There are 22 level 4 team girls at our gym. Half of them meet for 1.5 hrs on Monday and Wednesday with 2 coaches. The other half meets for 1.5 hrs on Tuesday and Thursday with 2 coaches. On Saturday, they all meet for 2 hours with 3-4 coaches.

So, for 5 hrs/week, we pay $170 per month.

There is usually 1 coach for every 6-8 girls.

They also have an hour of mandantory dance each Saturday for $24 per month.


For level 6 we pay $75/month for 13 - 17 hrs per week. 1 - 3 coaches depending on what they are working on. Oh and there are 10 girls in level 6


We are in Ontario and pay 180 Canadian per month for 17 hours per week. Ratio varies depending on day and levels being coached. Usually 8:1 and there is one day a week where for 1 1/2 hours my daughter has a 2:1 ratio. We are a smaller club with about 30 girls in our "competitive" program.


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
For level 6 we pay $75/month for 13 - 17 hrs per week. 1 - 3 coaches depending on what they are working on. Oh and there are 10 girls in level 6

Oh Gymgramma, I want to move where you are! Our L6's work for 14.5 hrs./week and we pay 289.00 per month! (Just wondering if that $75.00/month is a typo?)


$320 per month for 16 hours per week. That's about 8-10 girls and 1-2 coaches and includes 1/2 hour per week of dance. This is also a private training group that has the gym almost all to themselves for most of their training time.
Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
Yeah, thats what i was afraid of. I was pretty sure that gymnastics was going to get expensive next year. I'm going to switch to a USAG gym next year and i will be a level 9. Thats going to be a lot more expensive, and then driving time and gas money??? Oh boy, this is going to get really expensive and crazy!
When i did it last year it was $415NZ for the whole year
GSNZLevel 4 10 hours per week training pretty much the whole
year maybe 3 weeks for summer holiday :)
1 coach: 3 gymmies sometimes it was 2-3 coaches: 6 gymmies
Sep 27, 2007
We pay $650 for 36 hours per week..actually, once you get to 25 hours I think, that is what you pay. We have 7 girls w/1 to 2 coaches depending on the day and event. I am beginning to think it might be excessive....


nope - $75/month and we are loving it after the last gym's prices


$225 for 17 hours. This is for optionals. Includes 1 class a week at an out of town gym.


As a family of three optional gymnasts (levels 10, 8, 7) my parents pay about $1000 a month. The level 10 ratio is about 1 to 5 so we usually have three coaches. But in every other level the ratio is like 1 to 7 or 1 to 8.
Aug 3, 2007
The rest of you are really going to hate me for this!
High school gymnastics here: 10 gymnasts to one very qualified, dedicated coach, 10 hours a week. I pay nothing!
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