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Pebma 58

Proud Parent
Aug 1, 2019
I’m thinking to sell my daughter’s used compulsory competition Leo on one of those FB sites.The gym has a program where we can sell them to new gymnasts but not available this year because they changed the Leo style.
It’s a Rebecca’s daughter Leo. Simple design but with rhinestones or crystals on it. Cost around $300 new and in great condition minus 1 missing crystal. What would be reasonable to ask for it?


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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2021
Parents at DD's gym sold our used comp leos to new team members for $100-125. Original price was around $300.


Apr 12, 2019
It would have to be significantly cheaper than the price used to sell to team members since the demand really isn't there for a single competition leotard. If the leotard still fits your daughter I would say that perhaps you could get the sleeves cut off by a tailor and use it as a practice leotard.


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Aug 22, 2008
We used to buy/sell our leos for 50% of the original cost. We always did this within the gym, where the need was high. There is a market for competition leos for things like pageants but you likely will only get 25% of original. I would list on ebay as well.


Proud Parent
Aug 14, 2011
In my state, a high school track gymnast can wear whatever leotard they want if they qualify as an individual to State Meet. My daughter and her teammates look for new or gently used competition leos to buy and since they only wear it once, prefer to stay less than $100. This is much more economical than buying a custom single leo (which we have also done!). The trick to this is that it really needs to be an adult small or medium to fit the high school gymnasts.


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2019
Our gym had a program where all used comp leos were sold at 50%. If you aren’t selling to another team member who needs the exact leo, you would probably need to sell it for less… maybe 70%.
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