How much for level 3 0r 4

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My gym charges somewhere around $120/month for 8 hours/week (for L3 and 4). Level 3s are also allowed to go 4 hours/week, and I believe that's around $70-80/month.
Oh Gymkat where do you live I think I am moving there lol:). My daughter right now is going to go into a 3 hour class and it is going to be 150 a month :eek:.

It varies pretty greatly by area at all levels, based on similar threads I've seen like this on other boards, which is interesting. At my gym L3ish training (for the team track - there are other programs equivalent of L3 like rec team) is about 5-6 hours a week for the girls who will be L4s, and it's about $150 a month (that's for the summer).
Oh Gymkat where do you live I think I am moving there lol:). My daughter right now is going to go into a 3 hour class and it is going to be 150 a month :eek:.


My gym is in a fairly rural area of R5. Now that I think about it, my gym increased tuition after I went to college, so 4 hours is probably closer to $100 now, with 8 hours being more like $140.

Actually, where I live right now has an even better deal-- I paid 7,50 Euro for an entire semester of unlimited practice. (Of course, this deal is only valid to university students, and I doubt that you'd want to move abroad just to take advantage of this!) You really can't beat college club prices; my home university is also only $40/semester for up to 10 hours/week of practice.
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DD just finished L2 (competitive team) and they practiced 5 hours per week. That was $120 per month. Now she's on the L4 team and practicing 11 hours per week for $170 per month.
Our 4 hr per week L3's are $90
Our 7.5 hr per week L3's (there are only two) are $110
Our L4 and L5 are 9.5 hrs per week are $140
L6 and up are $165, I think they are 12 hours per week.

They are all allowed to take the tumbling classes at no charge
Geez - I really want to move where some of you are. Our level 3's are $205 (6 hours/wk) , level 4's $230 (9 hours), L5 $275 (12 hours), L6 $300(15 hours), L7-L9 $310 (18-20 hours), L10 $320 (20+ hours). My dd is level 7 and over the summer we actually pay more since she is going 24 hours/wk.

Even the developmentals pay $180/mo.
I feel the same way about moving lol. I think L5 or 6 not sure is about 320 a month. YIKES. I am going to be paying 150 a month for 3 hours in the fall.
Be happy it's not All Star Cheer!!!

WOW! I think I'll stay where I live! At my dd's gym the Pre-teamers pay ~$130/mo for 6 hrs/wk and Lv 4 pays ~$190/mo for 11 hrs/wk.

At the cheerleading gym we were at last year it was $270/mo for 6 hrs/wk. That's just practice. Since my dd was a flyer, she did a stunt class once a week and then a 30 min tumbling private each week. The monthly bill came to $470!!! :yikes: That's NOT INCLUDING uniforms, travel or competition fees.

Glad she switched to gymnastics!!!!!!!!!!:veryhappy:
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At our gym:

Level 3-- 4 hours a week $110/month
Level 3-- 6 hours a week $125/month
Level 4-- 9 hours a week $150/month
Level 5/6 12 hours a week $200/month
Optionals 16+ hours a week $225/month (I think)


at my gym the level 3 and 4s are considered heart of missouri league
they go 3 time a weeek for 3 hrs and they pay $360 for 3 months seesions and i pay 550 for 3 months sesion even though im a level 8 going to 9
for 4 hours a week Pre-team we are 90 and that was L3 for L4 we are 130 and that is 9 hours a week during the school and 12 hours a week in the summer. Plus registration of 45.00
I think we will stay put too:) Don't really know all the pre-team and compulsory fees since gymmie switched gyms as she was starting L7. This past year we paid $275/mo for her to practice 18 hours/week(that did include 1 hour of ballet). Summer does go up to $340 due to increased hours.
I wish I lived in some of your states gymnastics is so cheap.

6hr/wk $220
9hr/wk $260
+ all the extras: pictures, Leo's, clinics, etc.
Our coach gives free extra practices if you request it and she has time. The gym also has clinics twice a month that are all day and the gym charges $40 per clinic.
Wow, it varies so much.

At DDs current gym, she paid $50 month for 1 hour a week Kindergym.
$110 month for developmental class 3 hours a week.
$205 month for level 4 which is 10.5 hours a week.
Level 3s pay $155 a month
Level 4's $190
Level 5 & 6 $230
And optionals are $270.

So I guess I am not going to complain too much.

But this is just tuition. All meets, comp leos, coaches fees for meets are all extra.
central Indiana

Old gym

L3-preteam went 3 hrs a week for $70 /month
L4-went 6.5 hrs week for $99/month
L5-went 8.5 hours a week for $120-130 a month

Newer gym (been there four months)

L4-L7 team 8.5 hrs a week for $138 /month It is a smaller gym.
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