For Parents How much sleep does your gymnast get in a weeknight?

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Oct 28, 2015
Just wondering if my dd is the only one this short on sleep. Gymnastics is her only after school activity, but the school workload is huge so she does work at recess and sometimes during lunch them goes right to the books when she gets home, has dinner, and then hits the gym every day from 5:30 until 9. She finishes up schoolwork when she gets home. Sometimes she has to leave the gym early to get the work done. Despite the tight time management she barely gets 7.5 hours of sleep a night during the week. She is growing well, and has consistently been on honor roll since 5th grade (in 7th now), but the shortage of sleep concerns me. How much sleep does your gymmie get?
Last year when my DDs were in public school, they averaged about 7 hours a night. Not enough, IMO. Now that they are homeschooled they get 9-10 hours a night.

ETA: my ODD is the only homeschooled girl at her gym. I hear the other girls parents talk about how they are up all hours doing homework, and this is after they sit out of the second half of practice to do homework as well. I would say most gymnasts get much less sleep than my girls are lucky enough to get.
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Daughter is out of school at 3, snack and back one the car to gym by 3:30. Some work gets done in the car.

Gym 3 days a week 4-7, home about 7:20.

Dinner, then homework. We wind down around 9pm, with reading (part of school work) and our snuggle/chat time. Asleep by 9:30-10. Up by 7am, 9 to 9.5 hours.

She does have some time in the morning if she needs it to work, since we don't leave the house for school until 8:45.

Middle school will shift a bit as she will leave the house earlier, but get home almost an hour earlier.
My biggest mommy guilt is over my daughter's sleep hours. Gym lets out at 8:30 but with everything going on, we usually don't leave until close to 9. Then a 30-minute ride home. Follow up with dinner and winding down time and we are rarely in bed before 10:30 which turns into sleep right around 11PM.

Since she gets up at 6:30, she's only logging seven and a half. And I know that's not enough for an 11YO so I feel like crap as the week goes by and the dark circles under DD's eyes get darker and larger.
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up at 7am
school at 8am until 11:45am,
off to gym - starts at 12:30 ends at 5:30 sometimes 6:30pm depends on the day.
Drive home - 7 mins...
Bed at 9:30pm
9.5 hours sleep
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DD is 10, she usually gets to sleep between 10:30 to 11 and gets up at 7:30. This is the 3 nights she has gym. The other two nights she is usually asleep between 9:30 to 10.

Next year her bus comes at 6:45. I am worried about that already.
Between practice and homework, not enough.

DD averages about 8.5 hours overnight four nights per week. Most days she does sleep an additional 30-75 minutes in the car.

She's 11, and is the type of kid who needs more sleep than is probably average. On a weekend she'll sleep upwards of 13 hours if I don't have to wake her.

We're considering homeschooling next year, and this is one of the smaller reasons why.
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My 8th grader gets way too little. Typically 7 - 7.5 hours but there have been enough nights where she gets only 6-6.5 to really have me worried. She does HW in the car and at the gym before practice for about 45 minutes (and during practice when it is really bad) and eats in the car as we drive home (get home close to 10pm), followed by homework until 11 or 11:30. She falls asleep between 11:30 and midnight and up again at 7 (bus comes at 7:10 but I drive her to school so she can sleep 30 more minutes). Some days she crashes at 11:30 and has to get up at 5:30 to finish her HW. Next year is high school and she'll have to wake at 5:45 or 6am. Just insane. She gets straight A's but at what cost?? If I could homeschool her, I would. Unfortunately, as a single parent, I have to work full time. Like other gymnasts she sleeps 12-13 hours on Saturday night/Sunday morning and does homework all weekend trying to play catchup.
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DD is 10, has 4 hr practices 4x a week (3 week nights and 1 weekend day). In bed by 9-9:15pm every night Sunday- Thursday and up at 8am weekdays for school. I drive her to school so she gets an extra 45 minutes to sleep. So, approx. 10-11 hrs per night. She does homework after practice or in the morning while eating breakfast. Luckily she is still in elementary school and does not have much homework.
for school, my 5th grader gets 9 hours of sleep on gym nights and 10 hours the no-gym nights.
(she goes to gym 4hrsx5days/wk)

she does her homework (what little she has) at gym before practice so that when she finishes practice at 8:30 and after the 3o-minute ride home she can just quickly rinse off and get into bed by no later than 9:30.

it works out great for now.
Gym is out at 8:30, half hour drive home, in be by 10:15 on gym nights up by 7. So not quite 9. Definitely not enough. The only saving grace with our schedule is that happens only on two school nights - t/th. Friday nights the hope is she can sleep I. On Saturday (and she will) and then her fourth day is Sunday 1-4. So I feel lucky she gets five nights with a decent ability to get 10 hours or more.
Dd is 8 gets 10 on a weeknight but doesn't sleep in on a weekend usually 10 or 11 on a weekend we have just moved gyms and her hours have dropped from 15 to 9 and practice finishes by 8 we also have a 20 minute drive which she eats on the way so she can actually now read and relax before bed previously old gym was a 2 min drive but she didn't get to bed until 9:30 on gym nights also we now have no weekend practice yay
DD 8 y.o. level 4. Home from school 3;30, leave for gym 3:45 for 4:00 practice (arrive 10-15 min late). Practice 4-8, home by 8:30 then dinner, HW and shower. Bed by 10-10:30, up 7:45-8 (I drive her on way to work so she can finish HW if necessary plus get a few extra minutes of sleep). Usually between 9-10 hours, not bad, but never a down moment M W F. On weeks she goes a 4th day we do Sat!
14yo here... In bed by 10:30-11:00 most nights, give or take. Up at 7:00 give or take. I'd say she averages 8 to 8.5 a night. She sleeps in a little late on Sundays and power naps in the car for about 15 mins. Tonight is her night off, she fell asleep at 8:45 :)
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I have an 8yo L7 & she gets about 8.5-9 hours/night. She's usually in bed by 9pm. There are definitely weeks where the purple circles under her eyes. I know she doesn't get enough for her age, but she's always required less sleep than her peers.

Plus, she's in 3rd, so the homework is not overwhelming.
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I homeschool, so my kids are bale to sleep. We have some out of the house classes, that require earlier morning but still they get 9-9 hrs those nights, other nights 10 or more hours.
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