Parents How often does your DS or DD watch gymnastics online (Youtube, Gymnastics website, etc.)?

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Mostly Stampylongnose here too. Is there some kind of Minecraft competition she could win?
She does watch gym occasionally. We watched a lot of the World's routines recently. We're Canadian so unless she ends up a giant superstar and gets into a US school there's no scholarship hope here.
I think Stampy is somehow hypnotizing my children over the Internet!!!
Hardly ever. really. He might watch something that someone sends him. He will watch the big meets that are on tv. But he is too active to sit and watch gymnastics....he just wants to DO it

My son will watch stuff if I show him. He is interested in watching videos of skschlag's son much more than random college or Olympic guys.

DDs will watch some when trying to figure out a skill; but it isn't often. 11 yo DD is pretty dedicated and hopes for college (d3 will be her only hope); but she just doesn't watch many videos.
Every day for DD. Mostly it's people she is 5-degrees-of-separation connected to on Insty. During collegiate gym season she will look up routines of the college girls she likes. No college aspirations for her.
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DD hardly watches at all. We go to a lot of the meets of the D1 college nearby. She got really involved with the last Olympics. Still dislikes Gabby for beating her favs. No posters does not like the leos. No desire to meet her at meets etc. holds quite a grudge. She prob will watch next Olympics. Will root for USA Team but not GD.
I think DS watches nearly every day. He's a huge fan of both MAG and WAG and knows pretty much everything about every current competitor. On October 1st he was all excited and said "It's October! That means Halloween and Worlds!"
My daughter is one of those that would rather be doing gymnastics than watching it.
During the world championships she really had to fight the urge to just go do some.
Sometimes the urge won and I had to call her back to see her favourites. :)
My daughter would watch Olympic gymnasts on youtube all day if I let her. She's only 3 1/2 though, so current aspirations include things like backwards rolls and round-offs. :)
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Hardly ever. I'm much more likely to be found watching trying to increase my knowledge. When I try to show her something cool I see, she is polite but obviously not wanting to be bothered with videos.

Even when we attend college meets, she will watch here and there but mostly she just likes to run around with her teammates, eating kettle corn, and trying to score gym goodies.
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