Parents How often does your gym switch leos?

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Nov 3, 2012
The thread about finances made me curious-how often does your gym change leo styles? Both gyms we have been to are every other year. I kind of figured this is standard? I have also always wondered, Do the leo companies discontinue the styles every couple of years to force gyms to buy new ones?
Unfortunately, my gym has no set amount of time in which we keep leo styles, which can be annoying. I do believe that the average is about 2 years per leo. 2012-2013 seasons were one short sleeve style for level four and under (long sleeves for upper levels), and for 2014-2015 we just got everyone new long sleeve leos!
We usually do every other year. That would put us on track to get a new leo for the upcoming season.

I really hope so. I don't care for the one DD's team has used the last two years. That doesn't matter and I wouldn't care except that there is no way her current leo would fit a third season. I am going to practically have to cut her out of it after States in a couple of weeks. It is a second skin. Lol Since I will have to buy a new one in the fall regardless, I really hope it is a new style.
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My daughter has been to two gyms, both do every other year. Her former gym changes warm up suits every other year also current gym holds on to the same warm up suit for as long as it still fits most of the gymnasts.
DD's gym is every other year. She is due to change this upcoming season. They plan to hang on to the warmups and backpacks though (Yay!!).
New leos every other year but new warm ups after the HC is tired of them. We kept the past ones five years, I believe. They had them before DD was even on team and she wore them for her first three years.
DDs current gym has changed leos the past two years, with plans to change for next season again. They have the same warm up though.
Every other year is pretty typical for our gym as well. They didn't change the leo for the upper level girls this round so the girls that were level 7 or higher in 2012-13 only had to get new ones if they had outgrown theirs.
Every other for Leo's and every 3 for warm ups/bags. It is perfect because that is about the cycle that my DD will outgrow them.
We changed leos in 2007-08 season... GK messed up the next year on one sleeve, but it was still the same basic leotard for 2008-09 and 2009-10. Then, they discontinued our velvet, so in 2010-11, the bottom was nylon for girls that needed new ones (but same style). We didn't like how the nylon looked on the older, taller girls, so the next season, we changed styles. (4 years in that leotard style... first 2 years, we had actual sweats with our logo silkscreened onto them... the next 2 years, we had "real" warm ups from GTM).
In 2011-12, we got a new style, from the GK catalog. The girls picked it out. The old warm ups wouldn't work with it, so we went with basic black GK warm ups. We kept the leo and warm ups for 2012-13, but the GK rep hadn't told us that the leo was scheduled to be phased out... meaning it cost more as a special order in 12-13... AND it couldn't be ordered after December 1, 2012... and we had 2 girls join team in December.
In 2013-14, we HAD to get new leos because of the cancellation of our old ones. We went with AF and also changed our warm ups and bags - we now have "bling" and the whole package (leo, warm ups, bag) is only $250... and, depending on the numbers ordered, it could be cheaper, in which case, the extra goes toward zone registration and meet fees. We have no intention of changing our leotards or warm ups anytime soon.
I've been told it is every other year for leotards and warm-ups, but they are on opposite schedules. Since dd was a level 2 last year, she had to buy both at once. But next season it will be just the leotard and the season after just the warm ups and so on. I'm not sure how often the bag is replaced.
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