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How old for pre team?

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by DebraNC, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. I have a 7 year old competing bronze this year, she started gymnastics about a year ago. Her baby sister is 4 and was invited to pre team today. They are going as young as 3 for pre team.

    The hours are fine, just two one hour practices a week, but I'm a little concerned about the fun aspect.
    Is 4 normal and just outside my experience?
  2. My son did pre-team at 4. His coach expected them to listen, but they had fun. If I were you, I would observe practice to make sure it was a good environment, though.
  3. Mine started team track at 4, sane deal two one hour classes and lots of fun
  4. My DDs gym starts their pre team track at 4-6. It was a very positive and fun class environment.

    Maybe more frustrating as a parent because I was expecting they would get skills faster than the normal rec classes, but instead they were kind of at the same pace with a greater focus on the quality of those skills and other basics.
  5. Both my girls started pre-team tracks at age 4 and they both loved doing it. It was 4 hours a week but they made it really fun for them. I'd give it a go.
  6. My DD started pre team right after she turned 5. She competed old level 4 right after she turned 6. I am not so sure I would do it much earlier than that- I guess it would depend on the hours, coaches etc. I would also take into account your DD's personality. My DD just had a LOT of energy and was able to focus for the most part through practice at that age. Even today at 12 she has just tons of energy- she is tough to wear out! My younger DD though would not have thrived in a pre team environment at that age. She is more typical in terms of energy, focus etc and it would have been too much at that age. She started pre team a year later or so if I recall. So. guess my answer is that it really depends on a lot of different factors!
  7. My younger dd started team track at 3, with 1 hour 2x a week, and LOVED it! Most of the girls in her group were 4 or 5, but there was another little one her age. Her coach expected them to listen and follow directions. It was a good fit for her because even at that young age, she was a rule follower and would get frustrated by kids her age not listening!
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