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Mar 26, 2023
Any way to start as a self taught gymnast? What should I wear, where should I start,
how long should I condition/stretch? Any tips appreciated thank you——Taylor
My advice, would be that you don’t want to be a self taught gymnast.

Mainly because it’s dangerous, if not taught properly gymnastics skills can have catastrophic results. You could get a serious injury that could result in lifelong disability or death.

Secondly it’s very limiting. Without constant feedback from experienced coaches you won’t have the chance to go as far as you can. Each skill has a lot of technical elements to them, if mistakes are not picked up, if will make skills non progressive and even if you are taught by a coach later, bad habits will be so ingrained you may never be able to progress further.

Thirdly it’s a lot less fun. Doing gymnastics in a glass means learning it with peers, making friends, pushing and supporting each other, finding a special place where you belong.

And you won’t get a chance to use your skills. If you are self taught you can’t compete, pass levels be in displays etc.
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