How to decide which score count for the team score.

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Oct 26, 2007
How do you determine which scores count for the team if two girls score the same and that score makes up that 3rd spot needed for the team score? DD's coaches told the team that the other girl scored for the team and they kept telling this girl that she did a great job and had all the girls clap for her. DD was confused why this girl got the points since she had they same score. DD was so great about it though and told me that she didn't want to ask the coaches about her score and make the other girl feel bad.
that's weird that the coaches make such a big deal about it! I think the computer scoring system would pick the girl's score that had the highest all-around (it's how they break ties). What "points" are you talking about? Is it something your gym does?
That is weird to make such an emphasis on who's scores actually counted, that would bother me big time. DDs coaches don't do that, they don't even discuss scores with them after the meet or during. Same thing when coaches tell a kid that had they not fallen they would have won a team place, etc. Just wrong in my opinion.
I agree that that is totally weird in that they make that big a deal about it :confused:. The person with the higher AA is the score that counts technically, as other posters have said, but why should it matter whose score counted? It is a team effort when you are talking about team scores so I would think that everyone played a part in helping the team whether their score was the top 3 or not. I don't like the way that coach is emphasizing that so much--he is putting more pressure on the kids and actually taking the "team" out of the team award by stressing it in that way. NOT cool.
I agree its not cool. The girls seems to care alot about who scores. They have a really large team and I think its one way that the girls feel they stand out in a large group. I have always tried to have DD focus on the small things that she accomplishes at each meet. How does a computer pick one score over another if they are the same score?
Edit: Never mind, I get what people mean by the AA counting now!

Anyway, why they would make a big deal about it, I don't know, unless that little girl has lower confidence or something and they were trying to help. Or maybe there was some misinterpretation of the event.
Thats how ours are worked out. If its a tie on the apparatus score the girl with the highest AA score would get it and if its a tie for the AA score the girl with the highest apparatus score would get it.
Its the highest event scores that are added up to the team score. Each meet is a little different, but its very common to have the top 3 scores count towards the team score. Im not sure why the coach would want to cause dissention within the team by stating who contributes to the team score.

The computer program is programmed to pick the top scores for the team, and the people who set up the meet program it to pick either 3, 4, 5 (or more) event scores to make the team scores. If there is a tie, the actual score used is the athlete w/ the higher AA score.
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