How to do a russian hold

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Mar 25, 2010
For my beam mount [i also need it on floor] i really need a rusian hold to get full bonuses.
does anyone have any advice, drills or strength to make be better at it.
I am pretty bad at it so i understand it will not come over night
What level are you? there may be other ways to get your bonus. Such as the handstand hold/ leap and jump in level 4.
Thanks could u give me some pacific strength and this mount is the only one my coach will let me do and she is getting frustrated so any help would be great.
dips on p-bars, rope climb, and v-pulls on the wall/stall bars. and then lots of reps of presses beginning like you see in the picture, thru to a handstand, and back to the v-hold. you will need a spot and a low beam. • View topic - Manna - An Advanced Static Strength Element

Gymnast Gold, how high is your current L-sit? Can you do a straddle lever? (straddle-L/sit)

Some prequisites for this skills is, V-hang on bars, preferably bars against a wall or stall/swedish bars.

A very good pike flexibility. You should be able to V-up and have your thighs close to your stomach/chest/torso.

A strong support in your arms. You need to have a strong upper body besides good stomach strength (V-hang).

Support leg lifts on parallel bars from L to V(russian). You can use a very small swing as assistance but eventually just lift your legs.
were you aware that bob manna is out by you coaching???
hang on a high bar or wall bar. lift your toes, with straight knees, up to the bar and touch the bar with your toes. go down slow and repeat.
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