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Nov 16, 2012
I have a young compulsory gymnast, who has a "weird" handstand shape. I only really paid attention to it recently. Her shoulder blades are touching each other in the handstand. I'll add a picture here:

Do you know why she is doing it this way? She can't correct it in handstand. When she's laying on stomach and doing the handstand shape, she's doing it the right way.

Do you have any key words to use to help her understand the difference between this and that desired shape? Is she possibly rotating her shoulders somehow to make the shoulder blades touch? Is this possibly a weakness of some muscles? She's a relatively strong kid, can do 5-6 press handstand from straddle sit and hold the handstand for a minute facing a wall.

I've never had a gymnast do this before...


Proud Parent
Mar 10, 2015
I say "wings in", because that shape makes me think of them having wings :p

I would have them do the handstand against the wall (belly to the wall), then you tap on that spot on their body so they can feel where the correction needs to be made; and then have them push through their hands on the floor to try to correct it.
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