WAG how to get free hip to handstands - drills/tips

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In my experience getting the clear hip to handstand takes a lot of trial and error. It might not be that you do a free hip for the first time and then suddenly pop up to handstand a few weeks later. And when I you do get up there it may not be consistent. There is not big deduction on a low clear hop until L8+, I believe. If you connect a routine with cast handstands and good form (and your giant if you are L7) you will most likely get a 9 in our state.

#1 back extension rolls. So many of them! Do them holding a floor bar, too.
#2 Have your coach spot you. Ask for corrections/drills.
#3 Visualize yourself opening up at the right time. Try videoing yourself.
#4 Strap bar can also be really helpful with clear hips.
Not open for further replies.