How was your first try on a mill circle?

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Aug 30, 2011
Ok so I haven't ever done a mill circle..Just wondering if yours was difficult the first time or if you think mine will be? I'm 14, about 5'1 and average weight and I'm very strong and flexible. I have seen some of the other girls at my gym struggle and have a really hard time with it, and some just get it right away. Just wonderin :)
My first time I made it 3/4 of the way around. Actually what helped me get it(and I did after just a couple of weeks) was one night I came across a tutorial on youtube that broke down the mill circle and when I went to the gym the next day, I followed exactly what the tutorial said and got it. There is no telling ifyou will have a hard time with it or not, everyone in gymnastics is different. Case in point. It took me two or three weeks to get a mill circle, but a year for my pull over.
The first time I did a mill circle was about 4 years ago when I first started gymnastics. I was using a metal bar on the jungle gym at school during recess, and one of my friends who had done gymnastics a lot longer than me was coaching me.

I made it all the way around. xD

And I haven't done one since.

Don't worry about not getting it on the first try. If anything, it will take a little practice. Have faith in yourself and you'll get it! :D Good luck!
The first time I did a mill circle it was in second grade on a playground bar. I made it all the way around, but oh boy, the teachers got mad at me for that! When my family moved I bet the recess monitors were relieved to get rid of me. I learned baby giants and front hip circles on that bar too! My friend who was a gymnast taught me...I was crazy back then!
Since we don't do them in Canada, I decided to try one out of curiosity on the playground bar! (I know, I know- bad gymmie. Bad!) I made it around, but then I couldn't stop and I did about 11 in a row before stopping. My teachers thought it was cool so I'm still allowed to do them as long as it's not "school bonding" where Pre-K to Grade 12 go outside and "play" together.

Just work on it (at gym, not on the playground like me!) and I'm sure you'll get it soon!
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