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Proud Parent
Aug 3, 2009
In The Boondocks
hello new here...and just wanted to stop in and introduce myself.
my name is Deanna...its a stretch i am a married SAHM of daughter, Kadee, will be 4 Aug 11th and my son, Buddy, turned 2 March 20th.
My daughter has been in gymnastics for about 1 1/2 yrs...she started in a mommy and me class trying to find a vent for some of her pent up energy (always climbing and hanging from something)..well seemed to be the right thing for her...she loves it...she is in an advanced class...she is the only one in her class..they have a coach working one on one with her cause they say she is too advanced for kids her age...but isnt old enough to go into the next level class..

sadly enough..we are moving farther south due to her dads work relocating him..i just hope that they too see the potential in her and even if they dont work one on one with her at least put her in a class with other kids her age that are as advanced as she is.

she recieved an award 2 wks before she left saying she moved up an level..i dont know if all gymnatics places go by the same "ranking" or if they all call it something different

but the gym she was at she cleared the yellow level and is now in the red.

for them to clear the yellow level they have to be able to
*do a back bend on wedge (she can do one on the floor too)
*handstand hold (she can do this..she just cant hold for very long..lmao)
*straight leg cart wheel (shes can do this..although she often leads with the wrong leg they say)
*back roll on floor to standing position (she does this all the time..around and around and around she goes..where she will one
*Bridge hold one leg up for 5 seconds
*Straight jump (not sure exactly what this one is..but guess she can do it...hehe)

im sure it sounds like small potatoes to some of you ladies who are or have kids at the big time level...but little girl hasnt even turned 4 i think she is doing okay.

i hope that she forever finds passion in this...and i will fully support her until the day she says enough...and then i will let her walk matter how good or advanced she may be...because then it becomes a job...and not a sport, passtime or passion

anywho..enough about me and mine..hope to see you all around the chalk bucket


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Feb 26, 2007
NIce to have you on the CHlkbucket here. You can your DD will fit right in as we have a lot parents of young talented gymnasts here.

You may find as you move further south that a gym will have more gymnasts and therefore the ablility to coach your DD in a group closer to her age. One on one coaching is nice, but having a gang to hang out with is one of the best things about gym. Of course then the hours get a bit longer, but they also learn through their peers.

Good luck in the move.
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