Hyper extended back

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Jul 20, 2008
canada!... eh
On tuesday i found out that i had hyper extended my back. i am not allowed to do any arching for 3 weeks. has anyone else ever done this? what can i do instead of these skills. also what can i do to help heal this faster?
Feb 26, 2007
YOu can't make it heal faster. You need to take the time that the Doctor ordered and take it easy. My ldest no longer does walkovers, she has lower back problems and they just hurt too much. SO now she works on strengthening and keeping her muscles not too tight. She still competes, fortunately in CAnada she can construct her routines without them.

YOu only get one back for your whole life, so you really have to take care of it now. Sorry I have no better advice.


I agree with Bog! Take it easy and do exactly what the doctor ordered!
Another voice in agreement! I don't know anything about hyper-extended backs, but a back is WAY too important to risk by rushing your healing. Take it easy, follow the doctor's orders to the letter, and I'm sure you'll be as good as new in no time:)
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