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Jun 2, 2009
...on chalkbucket. My daughters (in gymnastics) are tiny 12 year old, Lizzy and 14 year old Crystal. I have 6 children all together.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Nice to see you on the CB!! Like you would need an intro for many of us. LOL. My Abby loves to watch Crystal and Lizzy's videos. They are both awesome!!

Welcome to the CB!
Jun 2, 2009
Mariposas are one of my favorite flowers. So beautiful and fragrant. Thank you for the kind welcome :)
Unfortunately we're taking the videos down in 2 weeks. You can see my post on chalkbucket for the details. Thanks again.


Welcome - I love to watch all your children doing their various sports. I have one gymmie (8) and one drama/ music/ reading queen (13)
Sep 19, 2008
...on chalkbucket. My daughters (in gymnastics) are tiny 12 year old, Lizzy and 14 year old Crystal. I have 6 children all together.


Seems like you're quite the celebritiy, Lizzie's accomplishments are huge.

Not to take anything away from her though, but I'm even more impressed with Crystal. She's a beautiful gymnasts and it's great to see her doing so well on her own terms next to her younger sister, the superstar.

Either way, I enjoy the videos and your daughters lovely gymnastics!


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Mar 23, 2009
West Midlands, England
Hi Eufricon,

Welcome to CB!
When I saw the title of this thread I thought you were going to tell us you'd had another baby! hehe!

I also enjoy your videos on youtube! It's nice to see you here!


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
Hi and welcome ot Chalkbucket! My daughter and I have so enjoyed the videos of your gymnasts! They are both amazing gymnasts and have worked so hard. They are just beautiful and amazing to watch. I hope to hear more from you on CB!


Well hello and welcome to CB! Like you really need an introduction.....
I have enjoyed watching both Crystal and Lizzy's videos for some time now. They are both AMAZING!! How come you are taking them down????=(

Well I hope to hear more from you and their progress on CB. :D


Welcome! We're so glad you're here w/ us on CB. It's a great place to vent, find support, and lend your own knowledge & experience to others who need it. Good luck w/ your decision about the videos, & we wish your dd's all the best.
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Can I just add this is a NICE forum that is why I love it so much. People are kind to each other. We would welcome your experienced eye. Especially as you have children in and out of gymnastics, older and younger. :)


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Mar 1, 2007
Gosh I feel like we have a celebrity here! I've already responded to your post. Sorry to hear about all the negativity you've been receiving lately. But just wanted to say you are ALWAYS welcome here and it is quite drama-free which is why I love it! I am mommy to three (DS13, DS11 and my gymmie is DD8) from NJ. My DD just started L5 and we've responded to your videos before as they've been a great visual/imspiration for my own DD. I understand you need to take down your videos, but maybe you can come visit here once in awhile and keep us posted on your DD's progress...while there are a few who are cruel, there are a gazillion more who adore your girls and would love to see them do well.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
Welcome to the Chalk bucket!
I really love watching Lizzy and Crystal compete, and just working out in the gym. They really inspire me...are you going to put up any new videos before you take them down? And are to going to take the WGA texans montage down to? i like that one :)


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Mar 6, 2009
LOL! I was like "she had a baby??"
Was going to run to your youtube account to see if there were any videos!

Nov 5, 2007
Welcome.Nice to have you here.I really enjoy being part of this board.
Congrates on the new family member.


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Mar 9, 2008
Welcome to CB!!! I'm sure you'll find us a supportive bunch!!! Like an extended gymnastics family:). I'm sure you have tons of insight to share regarding gymnastics & just being a mom in general(6 kids:eye-popping: WOW!!!), so please post away! Lizzy & Crystal are amazing young ladies, with loads of talent:D!!! A pleasure to have you here-welcome!


Jul 17, 2009
You have 6 kids? I thought you only had Lizzy, Crystal, Cyril, Tiffany, and Michelle. Who's the 6th? Anyway, Lizzy and Crystal are amazing gymnasts and I am sad to know that you are taking their videos down.:( I was hoping to see lizzy's level 10 videos and Crystals level 8 videos, why didn't you ever post them? Anyway, good luck to your gymnasts in the future!
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