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Jan 9, 2008
Daughter had a meet today, last meet she did really well all time best 35.6 placed 4th aa(2nd year level 4). So I was really nervous and telling her it's alright if you do not beat your score this week. She tells me I am going to try for 9's, I am like it's okay why don't you try to improve your floor score last meet was 8.75. Bars is 1st she gets a 8.5 last meet was 8.8, I am thinking the meet can not possibly go as well as the last meet at this point. Then she manges to get a 9.3 on beam 9.5 on floor and then I am shocked when she gets a 9.8 in vault. She placed 2nd AA with a score of 37.1!! I am so proud of how much she has worked to improve her scores after nearly quitting gymnastics last year! It really goes to show that motivation and lots of practice is a big factor in this sport!:)
Oh my goodness! What amazing scores!! You have every right to be proud because she totally kick bootie today, lol! Way to go....woohoo!! Congrats! Was she in the clouds? I bet she was! I wish I could have seen her little face. To me, that's the best part of the meets seeing those precious little faces :)
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What a great meet, and fantastic AA score. It sounds like you both had a spectacular meet. Sometimes confidence is all the difference between an OK score and the big scores. When they are happy out there they just seem to glow sometimes don't they? Glad she had her day, I'm sure there are many more to come.
Wow! What a meet. She should be very proud of herself. Those are some awesome scores! Way to go! I bet she's glad that she stuck with it.
Wow!!!!!!! Congrats to your DD! Those are awesome scores. All that hard work is finally paying off. I am sure she will never forget this meet. :D
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