I am new here from Wooster Ohio

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Just wanted to say HI from Wooster Ohio! I am a level 8 gymnast with the YMCA. This will be my 3rd season as a level 8. I was injured my first two years :( and hope to stay and start healthy this year. :) he he. This will be my first year competing for my High School I am a Freshman. lord help me. :D
Congrats on working your way up to level 8 and welcome to CB! It is frustrating being injured - but like you said, hopefully you will start this year healthy and do well, gain some new skills and possibly move to level 9! How exciting! I hope you're enjoying HS Gymnastics - we don't have that in Texas schools - but I have a friend in another state who adores it. Take care.
thanks for the reply

well HS has not started yet. just the conditioning has started so we are in shape. but... y has stared so i can keep all of my moves till then. i see your a coach. what gym do you coach at? and what level do you coach?
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