I dont know wat to do ppllleeeeezz help!!!

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Jun 12, 2008
hey im stuck! have any of u guys wanted to quit because gymnastics was takin over youre life? did u quit? did u not? were are u now? pleese answer!!!:((worried face)
Don't Quit

DON'T QUIT! Gymnastics started to take over my life, and I decided to quit, along with a lot of my teammates I know. Every single person, including me, who has quit that I know regrets it. Yes you will have more time, but gymnastics is a huge part of your life and without it your life almost seems empty. I regret my decision, and I'm stuck in a rut. I want to go back, but now its hard to go back, with cordinating everything. Sure with gymnastics you don't have much time, but it does teach you to organize your time. I have learned that without gymnastics I have become much more lazy.
I watched this video, and almost cried, and showed all my teammates we all thought it was amazing. It really helped some people not quit when they saw this. Good luck!
If this doesn't embed it, go to this link:YouTube - Do You Remember When?


I felt the exact same way last summer, but it wasn't because it was taking up all my time, it was because I got hurt(I was a level 7 at the time) and after three months I still couldn't do anything so I quit. I decided to do high school gymnastics(and in Virginia you don't have spring floors or good equipment in high school) but that just wasn't enough. I missed it so much I just had to go back. So now(about a year later) i'm back! I didn't compete last season so i'm pretty sure I have to do a level 8 meet then I can go to level 9 which I am ready for:)

DON'T QUIT! You'll regret it;)

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Gymnastics has long since taken over my life.

Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

But the question of whether you should quit is one that can't be answered by anybody but you.


Maybe you could try just taking a break for awhile. Then you'll get a chance to see what your life would be like without it, and see if you miss it, or if you like having all that extra time.

I didn't go to the gym for 2 months durin gtrack season, simply because I was too exhausted. I actually didn't miss it half as much as I did the year before. I thought about quitting, which wasn't an option at the time, as I had nationals in just 4 weeks. So I got back in the gym, and did nationals, and made my decision. Though gym I would say is not my biggest passion anymore, I decided to stay in it, as it is my last year, and want to have fun. I've decided to stay in it so I can stay in good shape for track, and so I can really enjoy it. I've also decided to dedicate this year to my parents and coaches who have supported me all these years, adn to try to win the YMCA scholarship. That's just my story though.

Best of luck, either way.
Dec 8, 2007
Haha I don't think anybody does gymnastics with out it taking up their life. I wouldn't like be able to survive without gymnastics though. We have a couple days off and I'm like dying because I need to get in the gym. My friends who aren't gymnasts are always yelling at me for going to open gym instead of hanging out with them but hopefully they are used to it cuz its not gonna change. Haha love you guys<3. But watch the do you remember when video. And instead of quitting if you want to is it possible you could go less hours or something? That way you still have gymnastics in your life but you can have a life outside of gym too. Its really your decision and none of us on here can really make it for you. But go with you instinct and I'm sure you'll be fine
Oct 2, 2007
Be honest with yourself. Why do you really want to quit? Are you scared? Are you having a hard time learning a new skill? Are you having problems with your coaches or teammates? Have you been injured and are in pain or can’t compete?

If you want to quit to run away from something, it’s for the wrong reasons. If there’s a problem, use your resources (parents, coaches, friends, internet, etc.) to solve the problem.

Gymnastics isn’t forever (usually). If you’re really just “over” gymnastics, then quit. You’ll end up getting hurt if your heart isn’t in it. Once again, though, use your resources to make a plan. If you just quit “cold-turkey,” you’ll end up with too much time on your hands. That will be trouble!
Consider taking up a sport that you can take into your old-age—something like, swimming, tennis, or golf. Make lists of things you want to do, books you want to read, volunteering you want to do…..anything—then do those things! Make sure you do something physical to stay fit.

Good luck with your decision!
Some days make me feel like gymnastics stinks, but I know those days are just to keep me on track and try new things. Almost everyday I feel like I don't want to go to gym and I do anyway. I've gotten over the whole "gymnastics is all I have time to do" thing because I like it that way. I would say that you should stick with it unless you feel otherwise.


Gymnastics does have a way of sneaking up on you and taking over! Heck, I'm old and not competing anymore, but it's still a major part of my life. I now get my gymnastics "fix" by judging and coaching. If gym really is taking too much time, maybe you can do a different form of gymnastics. You can always drop down to rec gymnastics so you can still be involved yet not have the huge time commitment of USAG gym. Or join your high school team instead. Depending on your age, you could combine that with a little bit of coaching, too. Or try a sport that is related to gymnastics like diving or dancing. If you love the sport but just don't like the time it takes, you'll find a way to keep it in your life on your own terms.


Jul 5, 2007
Pretty much every day (all right half joking), and yet I still haven't really done it.

There are plenty of people who move on from competitive gymnastics and don't really regret it. Whether you will regret it or not depends on your reason for wanting to quit. Like virtually any decision, if you're doing it to somehow please someone other than yourself, then you'll probably regret it. If you're doing it to move onto other things that complete you, then the time might be right to make the transition. Everyone will eventually have to make that transition. And it's not the end of the world. You can go back. You can get involved in other aspects of gymnastics.

When you're young you can fall into a very limited view where everything seems like it's the end of world rather than the end of one thing and the beginning of others. Anything can eventually lead to regret but it might be better to regret a move you make than to regret never making a move. Everything has its time. If gymnastics has already had its time in your life and that experience is played out, then there's nothing wrong with moving on. There's nothing magic about gymnastics. There's nothing that says life beyond competitive gymnastics isn't fabulous and isn't the right thing. Also, leaving gymnastics doesn't mean forsaking all the good times you had. You will probably remember a lot of it forever and think back on this time fondly.
Jul 16, 2008
Upstate NY
That is the story of my life :( However i would say stick with it. Ive wanted to quit for the past year but i just couldnt imagine myself sitting at home afterschool just doing nothing. All my friends hate gymnastics and say that im never gonna have a life and all this crap. But you will be so lost in life with out it, its an experience only few people get to enjoy and for most peopl its short lived. Take each practice and enjoy the fact that you can do things most people would die to do! Good luck with your decision.
Jun 12, 2008
Thanx every one!! i ended up stayin with it. :D and im happy with my decision. i never realized that it takin over ur life could be a good thing! and it is i like it to take over my life now. i was so caught up in time i never really thought to my self that it could be great having it take over my life! thanx soo much!!!!:jump:


Quitting ???

I have been involved in gymnastics since 1957 when i started. I was 10 yrs old then.

I have stayed with the sport as a gymnast, judge, coach for 50 years. The day i leave it will be the day i stop breathing. Sorry for the morbid statement.

If you love it live it.

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