i feel ridiculous but here i go...

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im an old female, 35 this month, i have a 14 year old boy, and yes i love gymnastics even tho the word was forbiden at my home, im from Puerto Rico, and Gymnastics there is extremely rare, we did not had cable back then, so i was only able to watch gymnastics only every four years during olympic games, and they would only broadcast like 2 hours and the rest was after midnight, i would go to bed thinkin that i wanted to be a gymnast but like i said before the word was forbiden at home it meant for my family a broken spinal cord or paralysis, everything was negative, i was not even allowed to learn stretching, i dont have to tell you that i cry everytime i watch the games and when i read tragic stories of dead gymnasts and even tho is sad i envy them because they got to learn it and enjoy it. i admire them all the perfect and the not so perfect they are all magnificent!, im too old to learn now, im history ill just keep watching and crying, :eek:
hope to make friends here!


Aug 3, 2008
don't feel ridiculous! There are some really tragic stories in gymnastics, it makes me sad too when I think about them. And hey even if you are "old" (seriously 35 isn't old) it's never too late to learn some gymnastics! Now, we adults will probably never make it to the olympics but that shouldn't stop us from giving it a try. :)

Welcome to Chalk Bucket everyone here is really friendly :)



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Aug 27, 2006

I wish I could have taken gymnastics when I was a kid- I always wanted to do it but we were too poor and my mom never learned to drive so it was out of the question:(

Maybe you could become a coach?:) I know I would love to do some coaching


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Welcome & no please don't feel silly because you love gymnastics. I would have loved to have been given the opportuinity as a child too but my mom made me do ballet...UGH! I have 3 kids and my youngest is my gymnast and dare devil. My oldest is my DS (12) and I hate to admit because he is the #1 kid I was much more over protective. He could have never been in gymnastics because I would have worried too much too, LOL, but my #3 needed to go to the gym or else she would get hurt here at home doing the things she was doing at age 2. Going to gym for here was a safer option.

However, gymnastics is no different than any other sport as far as injuries/accidents are concerned. I feel like as long as DD loves being there and it is a safe environment with good coaching & equiptment so will be fine. I don't dwell on the bad things that "might" happen or I would make myself crazy worrying. All 3 of my kids play sports right now & there are so many wonderful things that come out of them being on teams our experience so far have been good!
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