I finally went back...

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Jun 23, 2008
After one full year of being off of gymnastics I went back on Monday for my first practice. I am SO sore. I didn't take it easy in the slightest. The crazy thing is I'm pretty much right where I left off skill wise. I lost ALOt of muscle though. lol. Boy do I feel that now. But I'm just so glad to be back. I have my life back now and I'm excited. : )


Congrats on getting back in the gym. It's been found that your body never forgets how to do the skills, you just lose the strength/muscle tone. Drink lots of water to help with the soreness!


Hey thats awesome! Hope you had fun! You'll get your strength back soon enough with all the conditioning you'll surely do! Glad to hear you still have ur skillz.
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