I got my back handspring!

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FINALLY! After a zillion pushups and drills I got my standing back handspring on the tumble trak, the trampoline and the floor all in one day!!

First I got it on the TT, which was exciting enough. Then I went and tried it on the tramp. And then I went to the floor! I have yet to connect it to a roundoff on any surface... But hey! I've been wanting this skill since forever! And I never landed on my head (got kinda close one time though xD)!

Dec 24, 2008
Ohh I know you must be SOOOO happy, I remember when I first got my backhandspring again after loosing it after level one and i didnt get it untill half way through my second year over level four and that was like 4 years without it! I was so so so so so happy when I got mine and now im the best tumbler on my team, and ive never been afraid of any of my tumbling skills ever. weird I know haha. But good jobb! Tell us when you get your roundoff back handspringgg.
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