OT I Hate Winter :(

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Sep 9, 2007
This is a major rant, because I am cold and I can't remember being warm :(

1. Yesterday I skidded down the hill on my backside because some eejit thought the "weans needed a sled run" and chucked a pail of water down it so it would freeze over.
2. Stupid bus didn't turn up. Yes, the ones that are supposedly five minutes apart, every day, no matter what the weather!
3. So I walked to school this morning, and it was 14 degrees. I'm sure I saw a polar bear.
4. The stupid council didn't grit the pavements, so I had to walk on the road. Not the best place to walk when it is icy and cars are skidding all over the place, I'm sure you will agree. And I ruined my fake UGGs in the process. Stupid grit and salt.
5. I have the ugliest chilblains ever.
6. It was dark until 8.30am.
7. It got dark at 4.30pm.

Anyone else hate winter? I bet I'll say this and everyone'll think I'm such a drama queen and tell me you have 10 ft of snow LOL


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Count me in !!!!!

I hate being cold. We, thankfully, do not have any snow right now. I just turned on the fireplace because I am freezing. Scary thing is that DS wore shorts to school this morning - yes, it is December.


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Feb 26, 2007
I have only one piece of advice, DO NOT EVER MOVE TO QUEBEC!!!! that sounds like my life from November to April. But you know when you have that weather all the time you are prepared for it and you can have a tone of fun.

Though of course the compensation here is that from May - September it is hot and sunny and the pool is in use just about every day.

When the going gets tough, the tough go skiing!:D


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Aug 26, 2008
It's cold here but not like FREEZING! And it seems like you don't hate winter, just being ice. I LOVE winter....but I hate ice. It's a pain-in-the-neck to drive in!


Wisconsin has been pretty cold lately. It snowed all day today! But I love the snow. Usually. I had to remember to put water-proofer on my UGGS otherwise those would have been ruined today :eek:
Yesterday slipped going into gymnastics and dropped my phone! Phone is okay though, my mom sat it next to the haeter in the car. Later realized that I dropped my grips going into the gym and were still outside in the snoe. Thankfully a coach brought them in for me about 5 minutes later.
I hope the winter gets better than this rough start! :D


Yeah, I can't stand winter. And here I want to move to Boston which is even colder then NY. Oh well. We have family way way way upstate NY and it gets really cold up there in the mountains. Everytime it gets cold here, I just look up weather for Lake Placid and it makes me glad I'm not there!


Nov 3, 2008
Region IV (Missouri)
Can't say I'm fond of Winter either.

I grew up in Eastern PA, close to the Pocono mountains. So snow and cold were pretty commonplace. Then I moved to Houston in the mid-90's. Yea it's hot and humid, but you get used to that fairly quickly. Having only two seasons (Mild and Kenya) spoiled me for sure towards other areas.

What's funny is, I once had ideas of living in Alaska. I'm a big nature lover, adventure-willing, etc., so it looked very appealing. Then I had a friend who moved from Finland to Alaska, and he invited me up to his new diggs for a long weekend during February.

I don't wanna live in Alaska anymore.

There's a difference between not wanting to go outside...and phyically CAN'T go outside or you'll die. When I was there... the thermometer didn't show any red at all. Meaning, it was below -30F during the day, and they were very short days.
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Eww... I'm really not a fan either! We have about 2 inches of snow right now so I'm pretty mad! Usually I'm sick of snow after a month or so but I'm sick of it already.:) Actually right now it's only 8 degrees outside.. brr!


Oct 28, 2008
I heard a quote one time "I like winter...It's just the cold I'm not a fan of." That sums up my feelings to the dot. I like the look of winter, snowflakes floating down, covering the bleak brown grass with a blanket of magical whiteness. I love night time in December, the moon shining down, sending glittering sparks across the sky in a romantical scene good enough to be from out of a movie. I absolutely adore sitting front of a fire, wrapped up in a blanket, cup of hot cocoa and shortcake in hand, watching a classic movie, glacing occasionally at the blizzard roaring outside.

Then we come to the harsh reality of Canadian winter; sub-zero weather, shoveling driveways with the 'lazy'wind whistling right through you instead of going around you. Brushing off cars early in the morning, ice storms, slushy walkways, and the COLD! That's the part of winter I cannot stand.


i hate winter too! and me and my sis are the only ones in my county that do i think. our entire economy is based off of snow.

half the time i can't go to gym because they close the interstate to the point where people get stranded in my town (a lot of tourists use the interstate that runs near where i live and that i take to get to gym, i-70). we get over 300 inches of snow here and a lot of white out blizzard conditions.

i guess that's what happens when you live in a colorado ski town in the mountains at 11,000 feet above sea level lol!!!


I have only one piece of advice, DO NOT EVER MOVE TO QUEBEC!!!! that sounds like my life from November to April. But you know when you have that weather all the time you are prepared for it and you can have a tone of fun.

Though of course the compensation here is that from May - September it is hot and sunny and the pool is in use just about every day.

When the going gets tough, the tough go skiing!:D

ha ha you sound like my mom. during break when she's not teaching she's a ski instructor. she'd ski every day of her life if she could i think.

snowboarding is awesome too!!! i really need to go to quebec sometime. do you know if they use ASL there by any chance?



Another thing that I hate about winter is that the person's who's in charge of canceling school, NEVER DOES ON THE DAYS I THINK THAT WE WOULD HAVE OFF!:( We've had at least two days so far this year that I thought for sure that we'd have off. One of the days we got at least a foot of snow and the other, which was yesterday, the windchill was -35 with a windchill! Our teacher told us that to have off for the cold it has to be -35 WITH a windchill! I mean come on, that's just TOO cold!!:(:mad:


Oct 19, 2008
New York
1. I have to wear a coat
2. I have to wear a hat, gloves, a scarf, and earmuffs
3. I have to wear 3 pairs of socks, boots, 5 shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters and im still cold...i dont like wearing alot of clothes. Im happiest in a hanes v-neck t-shirt and shorts...
4. It makes me miserable
5. I walk around the house in my huge northface coat since my dad doesnt want to raise the thermostat because oil is expensive
6. Its NY so it snows...but it never snows enough to be anything substantial. Like today....I was taking a midterm and got really excited because it was snowing outside, then when the midterm was over, i realized that NONE of it stuck except for on the cars, and it just turned to slush, that I had to walk through with my new boots =(
7. I forget that its cold outside when its warm inside, so I walk outside with no coat on when Im in a rush..and then run back inside..shocked and angry >=(
8. When Im boiling from gymnastics, I need to put on all of the above clothes over my sweat so that i dont die of hypothermia when i do go outside
9. It makes me want to stay inside and be lazy and eat...When its hot, Ill go jogging, hang out with my friends, etc...but when its cold, Ill rather be inside eating all of the fattning and unhealthy winter foods (hot chocolate, pies, egg nog, etc etc)
10. Its cold...period


Maybe you should call the Chief Operating Officer of your school district and complain that they don't cancel school when there is snow.

OK, don't do that, I'm just kidding. But that reminded me of a funny story that happened last year. So apparently in a place called Fairfax, Virginia, they didn't cancel school one day when it snowed. Some kid calls the chief operating officer of his school district at his office to ask why they didn't cancel school, and can't get him. So he calls the officer at his house (it was a listed number), and leaves a message for him with his number and everything. And the chief operating officer's wife, who was rather angry, called back and left him a message. Well, lets just say her message quickly became a YouTube and Facebook sensation:

(sorry cant get the embedding to work right)

Interesting to know that school administrators wives think the students are "snotty nosed little brats"!
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