I have a meet tonight!!!

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Mar 7, 2009
That pretty much explains it, i'm a level 5 and i need good luck on bars! I FINALLY got my low-bar kip consistent this week and i'm scared that i'm not going to make it tonight. I already am pretty sure i won't make my high bar kip, but thats okay with me as long as i have it at my next meet, and make my low-bar kip this time.


Good luck at your meet! My daughter is a Level 5 and is just about at the same place - not quite getting those glide kips to come together. Just remember to do the very best you can on all the elements you CAN do, and one day soon those kips will fall into place.



U can do it! Best of luck! Smile stay tight and have the most fun!
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I am in the exact same situation as you, i have always struggled with bars so much. Kips really aren't my thing either.

That's great they got better at your last practice, and kinda funny cause the exact same thing happened to me at my last practice (Thursday too). Plus I was also supposed to be having a meet tonight...but i sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago and it is still sore and bruised so i can't compete.

Do you have to have a long hang kip in level 5? In ontario we just need one kip in our bar routine so I just do a long pullover cause my long kips are non-existent.

Anyways, good luck at the meet, visualize a perfect low bar kip before you go and I'm sure you will get it. Be confident, don't doubt yourself and try your best on the high bar kip too.

have fun!
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Mar 7, 2009
yes, we do have a long hang kip. And i made my low bar at the meet! (You should have heard how loud my team screamed...) I had a spot on my high bar kip but fell anyway :( the judge was pretty strict so i didnt get a very good score, though.

I hope your ankle heals fast so you can compete!


If you made the kips consistantly then i think you will have no problem at the meet!! Good luck!


Oh don't worry about the scores! Bars will come, I don't like meets very much, well I do but i choke! I got a 6.58 or something on my bars even making both kips it was a USAG meet, my first and last level 5 meet lol. How did you do on the other events???
Apr 12, 2010
Hey me too! Well I have state this weekend and I need my kip so I can get a good score! (last meet I did my whole routine but pullovers instead of kips so I only got a 7.5, and I didn't have bad form or anything. I really want my kip! I'm so close, but then at the last second I fall because I'm arched! :(
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