OT I have had a creative weekend I guess.....

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Mar 14, 2007
Hello everyone!!!

I have been working on a second message board that will be a kind of sister board to GU - my already existing board!
The original GU board will stay the same - no worries!

Last week I did not even know myself I would have a second board up. I first opened it just for test reasons but then though why not keep it and make something out of it.

So the new board is there to cover up discussion for people directly involved in gymnastics - like gymnasts themselves, parents of gymnasts, coaches and judges. But of course everyone who is interested in the technical aspects of the sport is welcome to join as well!

GU mainly covers the fan site of the sport, so the two message boards are going to cooperate.

I know Chalkbucket is there already as a great source for everyone, but maybe some of you wouldn`t mind adding another board to their list....

Here`s the brand new board - welcome to GU`s Gym Camp!!!
Message Board - Home

Any thoughts???
Not open for further replies.