I have officially quit gymnastics.

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The sport will always be a part of me, and it it has helped me become the fit, dedicated person I am today, but my parents and I realized it was time to leave the sport. Too many injuries, mean coaches, and I just sort of ran out of gas, unfortunately. I'll still come on ChalkBucket, of course, just with a purple name instead of whatever color the Gymnast's names are. I love the sport, and you can take the gymnast out of gymnastics but you can't take gymnastics out of the gymnast.

I'll just apply myself to Dancing, and hope I make the dance team next year when I audition.

Thanks for reading. I just thought I should let y'all know. :)


awww, i'm glad you made a decision that is best for you, even if it means leaving gym (which is sad). my little sister used to do ballet and gym, but she quit gym. she too kind of ran out of gas, had problems with coaches, etc. ever since she's dedicated herself to dance and done sooooo well with it. it makes her really happy too, which is most important. so yeah, i hope you have a similar situation!!

is it okay if i add you on facebook? (i just got one ha ha and am adding ppl from CB on it)

good luck with everything!!!


Good luck with the dancing. My dd recently stopped gymnastics too because of injury. At first she was devastated (especially since I made the decision for her) - but now she is doing really well and is so happy. She realized that there is life after gymnastics - but in her heart she will always still be a gymnast. Last night she was looking at all her medals and trophies and saying how much she still loves gymnastics even if she isn't competing anymore.
Jul 21, 2007
I wish you the best of luck. From reading your post I agree that it was probably time to move on and try something new. It seems like you realize that and will succeed in anything you do.

I too had to quit gymnastics, it came down to a decision with injuries. If I continued to do both gymnastics and diving at a high level then I would've ended up doing neither because it beat my body up so much. After 3 surgeries and a bad back injury it was time to switch my goals from the gym to the pool.

I still visit the gym and will start to help coach but the kids at the gym are still part of my family. If you are close with your teamates, keep in touch. Have a sleepover or go hang out once in a while. Although I still visit the gym and keep in touch with everyone, I have moved on to diving and it is my first priority when it comes to athletics. I hope that you find that in dance or any other activity or sport you move on to.

Nonetheless, good luck with everything you do and make sure you have fun!
Best of luck in the next chapter on your life! You'll certainly have a good head-start with dance moves with less risk of injury. It sure sounds like you made a very mature decision. Those are always the hardest. (Especially for me. :) ) I'm sure your dance team will learn as much from you as you will from them.

Just keep on smiling! If anything, it makes people wonder what your up too.
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Aug 30, 2008
good luck

i am glad to hear that you have made a decision that will make YOU happy, not just try and live up to what you think other people expect you to do. it is also wonderful that your parents are behind you on this, it really helps alot. i then went to mdl an easier going team. a year and a half later i returned to usag and during this year and a half my parents were there for me all the way;)

congrats on meeting your goals and immediately trying something new. i quit gymnastics for eight months and picked up skating. gymnastics will really help you in dance, with flexibility and grace. gymnastics has let me fly through skating.:rolleyes:

gymnastics will always be a part of you, and you have spent (well i have:p) most of your life in gym learning leadership and self control, among many other things, and also makeing many memories while many other girls were out dancing and shopping.:)

i wish you the best in the next sport you pursue; dance. use what you have learned in the gym and you will come far.
Best of luck to you NightFlare514.:)


I'm glad you were able to make a decision that is right for you, and I wish you the best of luck in future endeavours.
Aug 26, 2008
I'm happy for you! You made the right desicion for yourself. I completly understand about burning out, and injuries. It really sucks. Some people can just bounce back, and others can't. Good luck in the future and have fun dancing! :)


Hey! Sad to hear u are leavin gym. But if that is what u really wanna do, then go for it. Best of luck with dance and everything. I hope that u will join the "former gymnast" group here on CB and stick around, cuz we'd miss ya otherwise!!
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