I just discovered a really cool video program!!!

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Maybe I am a little slow, but Windows Movie Maker has this option to take a snapshot of each frame of a video you upload. I was able to put together a video of still shots from her videos. There are some pretty nice shots of Dani's split leap on floor--pretty much 180 degrees!!!

Here is the video set to "Simple Gifts"--I love that song!!

YouTube - Dani's Gymnastics Video Still Pics


Proud Parent
Jun 19, 2008
united states
that was a really darling video! I've made a few montages like that one from videos using windows movie maker. i really enjoy being able to do things like that for dd and ds...and for christmas, my father-in-law took my movie maker videos and stuck them all on a dvd for my kids. It was really awesome!


That's really cool!

I've never used windows movie maker before. This year in AP English, we had to write a reasearch paper on a topic of our choice. Then, we have to do a project and presentation to go along with it. I did my paper on "The Evolution of Activism", which dealt with youth activism 1960-present. My project was an internship at Campaign for Change this summer/fall, and now my teacher wants me to make a movie. We have this idea to start with a clip of Barack's speech from the 2004 DNC, then put in all the pictures I have from my internship, and end with his speech at Grant Park. Sounds great, but I have no experience with this kind of things, so it should be interesting!
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