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NY Dad

Proud Parent
Sep 2, 2016
New York
I was active on CB A few years ago when my DD was on level 2 pre-team. I was overwhelmed with the support I received from this community after she broke her arm at practice. I thought that this would be a good time to send an update for anyone interested :D.

More background… She became much more hesitant and fearful after her injury. Shortly after her return, her gym had formal evaluations for team. She was placed in rec. (which wasn’t an option that had been presented to us; we were told it would be either the JO track or the USAIGC track). When I asked, I was told that she needs to get past her fears so that they can coach her.

With the advice and support of the CB community and the help of a few members that reached out, I found a coach (gym) that wanted my DD on her team.

She’s now a Copper 2, in her second year competing in USAIGC. She’s had her ups and downs but she’s been happy, healthy and working hard. The stars lined up at States today. She hit her personal best on floor & vault and near her best in bars and beam. I wish I had been recording her when they announced her name for 1st AA. She was genuinely confused. There may also have been some chalk dust in my eyes ;).

I know it’s not the same as JO but at this moment as far as her sister is concerned (not a gymmie), she’s the best gymnast in the state. She actually earned her sister’s respect for the day.


Proud Parent
Aug 15, 2015
So glad to hear this! I also have been wondering how she (and you) were doing! Congrats!
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