Parents I just love my girls coach!!!!

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Feb 10, 2007
she is soo positive with the girls!! all of them!! she never says they did bad and always encourages them to be supportive to one another!! when they do not get something she tells them good job!! youll get it and gives them tips!!
Just the way she is with the girls its soo nice!! they always come home feeling soo good about themselves!! I am soo glad they have such a wonderful person as there coach!!
That is so awesome! It make a big difference with the girls when the coach is upbeat and positive about things. I wish our coaches could be more like that.
I really like our coaches as well. All are encouraging. Our gym also does something pretty neat that I just learned about last week - when DD won an new leo of her choice !!

When they get in a new shipment of leo's the head coach / owner will ask each team girl who they feel deserves to win a free leo - always gives 100%, always at practice, positive attitude....

The girl w/ the most votes gets to pick out a leo and lead stretching and a lane in warm-ups. Let me tell you as a L3 getting to lead in stretching and one of the warm-up lanes was tops for her !!!
its soo good to hear about these great coaches. I am trying to come up with something for the main coaches when the season ends! I want to make sure they know how much we appreciate them!! Tho I make sure to tell them often and make sure they know how happy my girls are with them!!
i really like my DDs coaches as well. one of them will be her coach on team, but i am only hoping that the other coaches are as nice and encouraging. i will definitely be watching and listening to how they are with the girls. the L4s don't practice the days we are there, so haven't seen who the others are.

gift ideas, a tshirt saying awesome coach? gift cards? definitely a card with a nice message about what you appreciate about them, etc. :D
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