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This is such an awesome board!!! My daughter and I are new to gymnastics (she has cheered for the past 3 yrs and wants to take a break) and since I have joined the CB, I have found so much positivity, encouragement and just overall awesome people on this site!! It makes my day to come on here every day and read the great things about everyone. Gymnasts are awesome people!!!:goodvibes:
Thanks to All,
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Yes, this is a wonderful little community! I don't even do gymnastics yet, but let me just say that people I met on here played a major part in my decision to try it out. Even if I probably won't ever compete, at least I can say I tried it. What little gymnastics I have tried is like sooooooo much fun!!!
Thanks for the compliment....welcome to the board.
Welcome to the CB! I love it here too & have to visit often. I also love reading about other moms, daughters, seeing their youtube routines have become quite addicting! But I do love the support and understanding ...it's hard to get that from your IRL non-gymnastic friends.

How old is your DD and is she on a team yet? I imagine with 3 yrs of cheering she's got some great skills already. My DD did 1 yr at Flag Pop Warner at age 5 and hated it...too much standing around and not enough bouncing. She wants to try again this year (would be a mighty mite now) but because L4 season runs same time as cheer season, I can't torture myself with all the schedule conflicts so I told her maybe next year.
i'm glad you were able to find this site, it really is awesome! gymnastics is awesome, 11 years later and i still love it!
My DD is 9 and she is on Pre-Team (level 4) at her gym. She has a lot of floor skills and is gradually losing that hesitation between the RO and BHS on floor. We struggled with that all this past year at her cheer gym and it just got so frustrating for her. She did awesome as a flyer (has insane natural flexibility and great balance) but just struggled with the tumbling. There was a lot of standing around and "down time" on the floor at practice that just left her so bored at cheer.

So we decided to give gymnastics a try and so far she really loves it! She's not bored and standing around and she is always learning something new or has something to work on. She also has that kind of personality that LOVES doing things OVER and OVER until she gets them PERFECT. I don't know if that is good or bad!!

The important thing is that she is having fun, making new friends and learning lots!

Here is a clip of her doing her stunting on her cheer team.

YouTube - Heel Stretch Bow & Arrow Free Stretch Scorp to Scale

That was so good! Better than my old teammates (it was my HS)...I was pretty much the only one with athletic ability. She looked really good though doing those stunts!
my non-gymmie dd did allstar cheer for 2 years and decided not to go back. She hated the downtime too. She ended up switching to soccer though. That has more to do with the fact that she hesitated doing a ro bhs back tuck and came down hard on the back of her neck. She has no desire to tumble anymore. If that hadn't happened I have a feeling she would be doing gymnastics again with dd1. Of course I'm kinda glad she chose soccer - it is a heck of a lot cheaper :D .

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