i need help with back walkovers on beam

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ok i can do a straight leg backwalkover on floor but when it comes to beam i cant seem to get my arms together i dont know why can someone help me i also need to get a standing back handspring but i always seem to crash on the floor i dont know how to do it without crashing i used to do them real well they hurt my elbows though so that doesnt help but can someone please help me i need lots of help lol thanx a bunch


It sounds like you have stiff shoulders, if your shoulders are not flexible enough, then it makes it impossible for you to get your hands so close together. When you do a bridge, can you get your shoulders far over your hands? If not, ask your coach for some shoulder flexibility exercises to do at home

Hope this helps


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Feb 5, 2006
Start doing bridge kickovers on the low beams, you can use panel mats next to the beam at first for your feet. Focus on bridging up with your hands on the beam and then work to walk your feet on. You can start doing the kickovers with your feet on the panel mats just make sure your hands are in the correct position on the beam. These feel very awkward at first but will help to figure out why your hands are not making it on the beam. Good luck and keep working at it, let us know how its going.


draw a line on the floor, and do back bends/ limbers to it. So that way you are working getting hands on the line in the going backwards part of ur walkover, rather than working the kickover which would be the bridge kickover drill on beam. Once you get it on the floor on a line, get onto a low beam/ floor beam. Put 1 foot each side and do the back bend to hands on the beam. Then once you master that, get your coach to spot you doing them with feet on the beam, and then finally after that, lifting your leg for the walkover and just getting the going back bit to hands on the beam. It seems the kickover bit isnt the problem, so you dont need to work the entire skill, master the basic bend back to hands on the beam first, once you get that you have the skill! Breaking skills up is always better than doing the whole thing first


I was just going to say what JEM said. When it comes to beam, always do tons and tons of repetitions of the skill on the floor. All beam is, is the floor in a straight line. Try to get it on floor with your hands together, then slowly go to the low beam and what not. good luck!


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Jan 11, 2007
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What if you tried putting something fairly flexible like a wrist band or even pre wrap around your wrists so they are held together, and with a spot try doing your backwalkovers on the floor? Your hands can't move apart that way, and you can train your arms where to be. We do that sometimes for girls who like to put they're hands WAY apart...good luck hon!;)
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