i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey im Rachelle, im a level 4 gymnast and i hav a competition on sunday, i have all my routines worked out except 4 vault! i can barely get over with a coach!!!! im worried ill let the team down! :( please help me!


I can't see it, so I'm just going to take some attempts. I'd say you probably have to think about having a strong run, armi circle and hurdle. If you have the power, you'll get over. Then, worry about really getting your heel up quickly. And be confident too.


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Jan 4, 2008
First of all dont worry too much, it is just one event. Even if you dont make it you can concentrate on doing your best job on other events and it will be fine. In most team comptitions they only count the top few scores on each apparatus so it wont be too much of a big deal.

You need to run hard and strong and good run is the key to a good vault. Do you get a lot of rebound when you jump in the board? If not this could be your problem?
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