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Feb 8, 2008
Ok i am a level 7 gymnast and i really need my press handstand and cast handstand. So i decided to ask you guys, the coaches for advice. Well i can do it all by myself on the wall and when my mom spots me she just barleys touches my hips to help. But when i try myself im not that close but i want to do it sooooo badly!!!! So also my cast handstand my coach will put two big blocks on each side and have me cast up and put my feet on the blocks and then jump to handstand. But when i try myself i can only get like a little bit above horizontal. So i reall need help and advice from a coach so please help me and give me some tips!


Nov 12, 2007

The straddle press is unfortunately a core foundational skill, that just sometimes seems so long to get.
So here is my advice for getting it.
1- Move away from the wall. The wall is a good exercises to get an understanding, but it is very easy to rely on it, and it develops very little shoulder strength.
2- Get a set of parallets at home and work from straddle hold to press to a straddle stand ontop of the parallets. At the start you might have to bend the legs so be it (if you are at home especially since the coach can't see it haha). I would never allow my gymnast to bend their legs duing this exercises even if they can't quite get it all the way, but when i turn around (but really i am looking) i will definitely allow them to do it even if they bend the legs. reason is because i know they are working the right muscles, but i dont want them to think that bent legs is ok. just psychological training. From straddle stand press to handstand, even if you mom gives you a little spot. Try to make this a smooth connection, keep your shoulders slightly over your hands
This exercises is great! and its not to hard to do from a L-sit as well (like boys do on P-bars).
3- 1/2 handstand planche leans. (i love the 1/2 handstand most versitile drill in my opinion).
From here planche forward (make sure that as you planche you are also bringing your butt down, hips down). Keep stomach tight, butt squeezed. From your max planche possition, push/press back to the 1/2 handstand.
4- 1/2 handstand press to handstand. Get close to a wall (very close) and from this possition press to handstand. Notice the feet are relatively high, you can adjust this to match your level of strength. KEEP PUSHING IT! every week try to either do more repetition (like 2-3 more a week/session) or lower the box a little. You must overload all the time if you want progress. Doing the same stuff has not worked until now, which means most likely that you body has said i can do this and this is all i need, because you are not pushing it beyond (just cause the brain says press damn it! doesn't mean you will you know.. but its definitely the first step)

These are just a few quick drill you can do at home.

For the casts to HS. Work on cast straddle onto the bar, and with a little hop press to handstand.. TADA!!! you just did almost a staddle cast to HS. Not the trick is to build that up to cast pretted you are going to straddle on, but don't actually let your feet drop down towards the bar, instread they go out wide so you arrive in the straddle handstand, and then you join the legs to finish. The cast to staddle onto the bar is better then doing it with boxes because it forces you have the shoulders in the right place. if you push back you fall back, if you lean to far and you don't get your butt up quickly you fall foward. This can be practiced on a low floor bar at first as well.

drill 2. From front support, arch then then immediatelly spring up as you drive your butt up and you aim to arrive in a straddle handstand. Poor explanation i know (sorry can't do much better without video) if you don't get it, let me know i will draw some cool diagrams haha.

If you can cast to horizontal or above with straight body, you can cast to handstand in staddle

These are drills will be enough to be honest. Aside from that get spotted over and over to develop the confidence.

Hope that helps. I am sorry if things are a little poorly explained 2am, and deprived of sleep haha.

let me know if that helps, or if it doesn't and keep us updated
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