I need luck! =)

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Jan 26, 2008
I'm having cortisone shots in my wrist tomorrow at 10:30 AM! Hopefully it will work and I'll be able to start gymnastics again in January! :) Send me some luck!
I'll cross my fingers for you Charlo, I know how much you love gym and I know you'r love to be back training with your team.
Lots of luck tomorrow - I really hope it works and you're back in the gym soon !!!
Sending you some big wishes for good results, so you can get back to doing what you love! You have been so patient! ;)
thank you for all your good lucks! but unfortunately the doctor I was supposed to have was sick today so we had to cancel the appointment and take another one in January...
Oh no, that is really too bad. Maybe you can get to the last meet in March, that one will be fun as it's in Gatineau.
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